The Harvey Mudd College Department of Computer Science graduated its first class in 1992. Since then, the department has grown to its current size of thirteen tenure-track faculty, several visiting faculty, and four staff members.

In addition to the Computer Science Major, the department supports the Joint Major in Mathematics and Computer Science and the Mathematical and Computational Biology Major. There are currently approximately 80 students total per graduating class in these three majors.

The department works closely with our sister departments at Pomona and Claremont McKenna Colleges and our courses draw students from all five Claremont Colleges and the Claremont Graduate University.

The department seeks to provide students with a strong foundational background blending experimentation, theory, and design. Our graduates are equally well-prepared for work in industry and graduate school. The capstone Clinic Program provides students with a year-long software design project and our active Research Program involves approximately 50 students in research, funded by grants and gifts from the National Science Foundation, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and the Rose-Hills and Baker Foundations.

Department News

  • Bo Zhang (HMC Math ‘17) and Professor Yi-Chieh (Jessica) Wu have a paper accepted to the International Symposium on Bioinformatics Research and Applications (ISBRA 2017). The paper is entitled Coestimation of Gene Trees and Reconciliations under a Duplication-Loss-Coalescence Model.
  • Recent press coverage of the CS department for our efforts to promote STEM inclusion: LA Times, CGTN, Voices of America.
  • Alex Ozdemir (‘17), Michael Sheely (‘17), Daniel Bork (‘16), Ricson Cheng (CMU, ‘19), Reyna Hulett (‘16), Jean Sung (‘16), Jincheng Wang (‘17), and Professor Ran Libeskind-Hadas have a paper accepted to the Conference on Algorithms for Computational Biology. The paper is entitled Clustering the Space of Maximum Parsimony Reconciliations in the Duplication-Transfer-Loss Model.
  • CS students Daniel Bork ‘16, Jean Sung ‘16, and Jincheng Wang ‘17—along with Carnegie Mellon student Ricson Cheng and HMC CS Professor Ran Libeskind-Hadas—have a paper accepted to the journal Algorithms for Molecular Biology. The paper is entitled On the Computational Complexity of the Maximum Parsimony Reconciliation Problem in the Duplication-Loss-Coalescence Model.
  • CS students Odaris Barios-Arciga ‘18, Noah Marcus ‘17, Jasmine Zhu ‘19—along with UCSD grad student John Sarracino (HMC ‘14), UCSD Professor Sorin Lerner, and HMC Professor Ben Wiedermann—have a paper accepted to CHI. The paper is entitled User-Guided Synthesis of Interactive Diagrams.
  • Professors Medero and Dodds have received a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant to continue the department’s Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) site. The grant supports ten students per summer, for the next three years, as the students work closely with faculty to conduct new research in Computer Science.
  • Jane Wu (HMC ‘18) and Alex Ozdemir (HMC ‘17) have been recognized for their research by the Computing Research Association (CRA). Jane received an Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Award for her work on human-robot trust. Alex was a finalist for Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher for his work on algorithms for biology and on programming languages.

Recent and Upcoming Events

Apr 20 SHAN 1430 Colloquium (University of Washington)