Additional Resources for Students

This page links to resources helpful for students in HMC CS clinic.

First-meeting documents and forms

Here are the forms and slides from the first meeting.
Please complete the ones relevant to you (at least the first two, the third to obtain driving authorization) by Friday, September 7, 2018:

  • Clinic Student Agreement    This is the overarching clinic student agreement. For many projects, this is the whole agreement; some may go beyond this agreement with their own NDAs. We ask that all NDA proposals go through HMC's legal office first.
  • The information and work-styles form    This form asks for essentials (at top) and a short list of work-styles preferences (at bottom). The former are used for clinic organization; the latter are shared with your faculty advisor.
  • Driving Permission Form    If you have a drivers license, would be willing to drive (only as needed), and don't yet have HMC driving permission, please include this form.
  • Welcome to the Clinic Program (slides)    These are the overview from the first day's Recital-Hall meeting.

Clinic Handbook

  • The CS Clinic 2018-19 Student Handbook    this is large description of clinic, which includes traditions and motivation, as well as the yearly and weekly rhythms and to-do lists and detailed guidance for participating in the program.

Password-protected Information

  • Sample reports, report templates, meeting slides, and other tips can be found here
    (You'll need the login and password, sent in an earlier clinic email, to access these examples.)

Key Clinic Dates for 2018-2019

Images for quick reference:

The authoritative text versions are pages 2-3 in the Clinic Handbook, linked above.