The computer science colloquium is a public gathering where various computer science topics are presented, including internal research projects, external projects, and student presentations. All computer science majors must be enrolled in colloquium (CSCI 195) during their junior and senior years. Anyone else who is interested in attending is also welcome.

Colloquium is taught jointly with the Pomona College Computer Science Department. Each semester the talks are split between HMC and Pomona and those HMC students registered for Colloquium are expect to make all the talks.

Time and Location

When at HMC, Colloquium is scheduled for Thursday afternoons at 4:15 p.m. in Shanahan 1430, on the HMC campus. A reception is held at 4:00 p.m. with snacks and beverages available for those who are attending the talk.

The Pomona talks are scheduled by Pomona and the location varies. Besides the information on their web page, Pomona sends out a notification a few days prior to each talk.

HMC Colloquium Schedule

Sep  4 Shanahan 1430 Professor Anne Condon (University of British Columbia) Programming with Molecules
Sep 11 Shanahan 1430 HMC CS faculty and students Summer Research Talks, Part 1
Sep 18 Shanahan 1430 HMC CS faculty and students Summer Research Talks, Part 2
Sep 25 Shanahan 1430 Prof. Maja Mataric (USC) Socially Assistive Technologies: Creating Machines That Care
Oct  2 Shanahan Auditorium Prof. Jason Salavon On Data & Computation: An Artist's View
Oct 16 Shanahan 1430 Rob Armstrong (Dreamworks) The Technology Behind Dreamworks Animation
Oct 30 Shanahan 1430 Prof. Ed Lazowska (U. Washington) Big Data, Enormous Opportunity
Nov 13 Shanahan 1430 Dr. Kiri Wagstaff (NASA JPL) Interactive Data Prioritization and Discovery for Mars Rover Images
Dec  4 Shanahan 1430 Prof. Dana Scott (CMU) Stochastic Lambda-Calculi
Jan 23 Shanahah 1430 CS Faculty Summer Research Opportunities in CS
Jan 29 Shanahan 1430 Dr. Andrew Bernat Why is There a Computing Research Association? (And why you should care)
Apr  2 Shanahan Auditorium Professor Stefano Lonardi Combinatorial Pooling for Sequencing and Assembly of the Barley and Cowpea Genomes

Pomona Colloquium Schedule:

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