Bob Keller


Olin B165
(909) 621-8483
Research Area:
Intelligent Music Software, Neural Networks, Programming Languages
Robert Keller received his MSEE in Engineering from Washington University in St. Louis in 1968, followed by his PhD in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at U.C. Berkeley in 1970. After being an assistant professor at Princeton, Keller went on to be a professor first at University of Utah, then U.C. Davis, and finally at Harvey Mudd College. Between his time in Utah and in California, he spent three years as the VP of Research and Development at Quintus.  His primary research project is Impro-Visor, software aimed to develop jazz improvisation as a guide for musicians. He also has a position at JPL advising the development of CSL, a logic-based programming language aimed to check launch sequences for unmanned space missions.