Applying to Our Program

Interested? Submit an application form, linked below, by February 16, 2020

This page is for 5C (Claremont Colleges) students.
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To apply for summer 2020 CS-project positions:

  • Read about this summer's projects to decide which interest you.
  • Complete the electronic application form (a Google form) which will ask you to express interest in projects, to provide an unofficial transcript, and a personal statement. Note: this form is for 5C students only. (Students from outside Claremont, please follow the REU link above.)

Personal Statement

Your personal statement is an important part of your application. When you apply, you will need to submit your personal statement as a separate electronic document - we prefer PDF (.pdf) or Plain Text (.txt). In this document, you should write a few paragraphs on

  • Why you're interested in doing a CS project at HMC this summer?
  • What projects/research areas interest you in particular - and why?

You may discuss as many areas as you like and you may be as general or as specific as you wish. You may address specific projects listed on the projects page or you may discuss your research interests more generally. Sharing your interests and past accomplishments will not prevent you from being considered for any project in which you express interest! It helps us get an idea of things you find exciting.

Your personal statement will probably be read by multiple people with different goals. Some people may be quickly scanning it to look for particular information about your interests, whereas other people may read the whole thing slowly and carefully. With that in mind, consider the structure of your document. For example, you may wish to make use of headings to separate sections of your document that talk about different things.

Many of the projects will produce presentations, posters and/or written documents (e.g., papers) in addition to ideas and running code. Your statment is one opportunity to show how well you can communicate.