Research Projects for Summer 2020

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Project page, titles, advisors

This summer's projects are on this Google doc. For reference, this list has all of the project titles and advisors. See the above Google doc for a detailed description of each:

  • HEATLab projects   Prof. Jim Boerkoel
  • Computational Biology   Profs. Jessica Wu and Ran Libeskind-Hadas
  • ALPAQA: Program Analysis and combinatorics   Prof. Lucas Bang
  • AMISTAD Lab: Machine Learning and Search   Prof. George Montanez
  • MIT Lincoln Labs: High-school Robotics at BWSI   HMC Alums Eyassu Shimelis '18 and Andrew Fishberg '16
  • Summer Startup   Profs. Colleen Lewis and Zach Dodds
  • CS Teaching Tips - Paper and Tip Writing   Prof. Colleen Lewis
  • Storage System Optimization   Prof. Geoff Kuenning
  • IOTTA Trace Repository   Prof. Geoff Kuenning
  • Text Mining Tools for Digital Humanists   Prof. Xanda Schofield
  • LACE Lab: Learning Agents in Complex Environments   Prof. Erin Talvitie
  • Intelligent Music Software   Prof. Robert Keller
  • Ant Transportation Networks   Prof. Donaldson-Matasci
  • CS Summer Staff   Prof. Zach Dodds
  • Vice-Chancellors of Fun   Profs. Montanez and Bang
  • STEAM:Coders - support positions   Prof. Colleen Lewis

Doc with all project descriptions

This link is to a page of opportunities outside HMC... .