Software for Computer Science students

The computer science department subscribes to Microsoft Imagine Premium and VMware Academic Program. These subscriptions not only provide us with Microsoft and VMware products to use on department computers, they also allow students to download and use these same products for free.

Visit the Electronic License Management System to access these products.

Eligibility requirements

These subscriptions allow students and faculty in the Harvey Mudd College Computer Science department to download software for educational use.

To download software you must be either

  • an HMC student currently enrolled in a computer science course, or
  • a faculty/staff member working for the HMC CS department.

Anyone else who downloads software from this page may be in violation of the HMC honor code, the Claremont Colleges appropriate use policy, and HMC computer science department policies. If you use this software without meeting these conditions then you risk permanent deletion of your Computer Science account and any use of department computing resources. Students may also be referred to the JB/DB for further action.

These programs are only for students who are currently enrolled in a CS course on the HMC campus. It doesn't matter whether you're majoring in computer science or not. What matters is whether or not you are currently taking a CS course at Mudd. The licenses are very strict and do not cover other students. If you're a CS major but not taking any CS courses this semester, then you cannot use this program. If you took a CS course last semester but aren't enrolled in one now, then you're not eligible. Note that CS clinic and CS colloquium are eligible courses. Anything listed as "CSCI" on your course schedule counts.

Alumni are not eligible.

How to get software from these programs

Both programs conveniently use a single webstore where you will use your HMC CS username and password (the same one you'd use for knuth, the Mac labs, etc.) to log in.

Freshmen enrolled in CS 5 generally don't have CS department accounts. They should see Tim Buchheim for assistance.

Microsoft software such as Windows, Visual Studio, Visio, or Project is available in the Microsoft Imagine Premium tab. You'll find VMware Workstation (for Linux and Windows) and VMware Fusion (for OS X) in the VMware tab.

The other tabs contain software not covered by our subscription. (But which you may be able to purchase at a discount.)

License duration

VMware licenses last for 12 months beginning on the 1st of the month in which you acquired the license. After a year if you're again enrolled in a CS course you can obtain another 1-year license.

Microsoft licenses don't expire, but sometimes have limits on how many times they can be activated. (Certain hardware upgrades and modifications may trigger reactivation of Windows licenses.)

License terms

You are responsible for understanding and complying with the terms of the licenses granted through this program. Specific details are on the Microsoft Imagine Premium and VMware Academic Program sites.

Software on DVD or USB flash drive

We used to distribute the Microsoft software on DVD but (a) it was cumbersome for students and the sysadmin alike, (b) students were very bad at actually returning the DVDs when they were done, and (c) most recent laptops don't have DVD drives. Therefore we are discontinuing the routine distribution of software on DVD.

If you need a bootable DVD to install Windows or you need help creating a bootable USB flash drive, you may still see Tim Buchheim in Olin B159 for assistance. Please also see Tim (or use our handy request system) if you have questions about installing software on clinic computers.

Lab keys and Volume licenses

Some VMware products and some versions of Windows are licensed differently for lab use. We typically use these volume keys for clinic computers. If you believe you may need a volume license key for another purpose (such as for computers that will be used for a specific course or for research) please see Tim for assistance.