System Resources

See HMC's CIS Documentation on all the computing resources available at Mudd.

Hardware and Software

The Computer Science Department houses many different kinds of computers:
  • Our main server, knuth, is an 64-core system with 512 GB of RAM. The machine runs Gentoo Linux. This machine provides general computing services for the department
  • Several additional servers running Gentoo Linux, used for web hosting, databases, DNS, and other services. Several machines are dedicated to classes with special hardware requirements.
  • The Charles F. Parker Computer Systems Laboratory (also referred to as the Hot Air Lab) and the Fletcher Jones Graphics Laboratory (also known as the Birch Lab) contain iMacs and Mac minis running Mac OS X. These labs are used for teaching classes and can also be used by students anytime, day or night.
  • Apple Xserve servers provide LDAP directory services and print queues.
  • Clinic teams are provided with one computer per team member. Student research projects often make use of these machines during the summer.
  • The main CS department printers for student use are gute and berg, which are HP laser printers located in the two labs. In addition, there is a printer on the second floor of Sprague for clinic use and several printers in the CS department office and workroom.
  • Library

    The Computer Science Department maintains an extensive library of computing materials for reference use by students, faculty, and staff. This library includes such materials as handbooks, periodicals, videos and software manuals. There are many books on different programming languages like perl, C, C++, ruby, python, LaTeX, PostScript, and UNIX shell programming which may all be borrowed for personal use.

    Human Resources

    One of the most important resources within the Computer Science Department is knowledgeable and helpful people. The system is mainly administrated by computer science students: about ten student staff, and about a half dozen student consultants. These people are available to answer questions and provide assistance to students, and also perform many of the tasks in maintaining the CS subnet and all its resources. Altogether, the computer science faculty, staff, student administrators and consultants, and students majoring in computer science are part of a broad knowledge base that is an incredible resource to the department.

    Physical Space

    The Computer Science Department is housed in the Olin, Beckman, and Sprague buildings on the Harvey Mudd College campus.

    Beckman Hall contains the two labs (B102 and B105), the CS department conference room (B100), and the machine room (B104) which holds the main servers and networking equipment. Beckman B111 houses the robotics lab.

    The faculty offices are in the F. W. Olin Science Center, along with the department office and workroom. Most offices are on the first floor, but a few are at the north end of the basement.

    Clinic teams and other research projects have their workspaces on the second floor of Sprague, but entry is restricted to authorized persons. A conference room is also located on this floor. The labs and workrooms provide students and staff with a comfortable place to work or meet without interruption.