Applying to Our Program

Update: The 2021 REU application will open sometime in late January, 2021 and will be due near the end of February, 2021. Check back for more details. Consider applying!

Application steps...

  • Read about this summer's projects on these pages to decide which interest you.
  • Find a faculty member, or other advisor/supervisor who knows you well, who can write a recommendation letter for you.
  • Write your personal statement. Obtain your unofficial transcript (usually a download or even screenshot from your school.
  • Complete the application form, linked below, with your background information.
  • Ask your letter-writer to email their letter to address, with "HMC REU" somewhere in the subject line. Feb 23 or 24 is great. That said, there's definitely some leeway for the recommendation letters (we're letter-writers, too).
  • We try to make invitations as quickly as possible, aiming for early March at the latest.
  • Thank you for considering the HMC REU!

    Here is a link to that application form.


No Google account?   Because the Google form, above, asks for two documents (an unofficial transcript and a personal statement), it requires the use of a Google account. If you do not have a Google account, no problem. Here is a pdf of all of the application questions and prompts. Place your answers in a text file, zip it in a folder with the other two files (transcript and personal statement), and send it to Thanks!

Notes on the Personal Statement

Your personal statement is an important part of your application. When you apply, you will need to send us your personal statement as a separate document. In this document, you should write a one or two paragraphs for each of the following prompts:

  • Why our REU program appeals to you.
  • Which projects in our REU you're interested in–and why.

Your personal statement will be read by multiple people with different goals. Some people may be quickly scanning it to look for particular information about your interests; others may read the whole thing slowly and carefully. With that in mind, you should pay attention to structure of your document. For example, you may wish to make use of headings to separate sections of your document that talk about different things.

Similarly, it helps to pay attention to other aspects of readability. For example, you should format your document to avoid avoid very long lines and/or tiny fonts. (Thank you! :-)