Professor Julie Medero

Ben Professor Medero's research expands what's possible in natural language processing. In recent projects Prof. Medero and her students have created novel methods to measure text readability and readers' comfort level through feedback from an iPad's or iPhone's accelerometer. She and her students also develop algorithms for summarizing texts' content and re-rendering texts at different reading levels. As part of a family of avid cyclists, Prof. Medero's 2017 research also includes algorithm development for active-transportation projects in the region. Prof. Medero got her REU start as a participant at Swarthmore College, and she still considers Claremont a suburb of Philadelphia.

Professor Jim Boerkoel

Jim Boerkoel is an Assistant Professor in the Computer Science Department at Harvey Mudd College and director of the Human Experience & Agent Teamwork Lab. The goal of the HEATLab is to develop techniques that augment humans' own cognitive and physical abilities to create integrated human-agent teams that are more capable than their individual counterparts. Prior to joining HMC, Jim worked as a Postdoctoral Associate with the Interactive Robotics Group at MIT. He completed his Ph.D. thesis on developing distributed approaches for constraint-based, multi-agent scheduling with Ed Durfee at the University of Michigan.

Professor Katherine Breeden

Katherine Professor Breeden began at Stanford investigating the features of traditional 2D cinema that influence saccadic motion of the human eye. Additional research interests include applied geometry and advanced sampling methods. This online Gaze Data Explorer shows some of the facets–and intricacy–of modeling and tracking human attention.

Professor Zach Dodds

Zach Zach has been a professor at Harvey Mudd since 1999. His general research interests are in computer vision and robotics. In addition to research and teaching, he likes to play in foam pits with his children.