This Year's Projects

Our REU projects fall under a very wide “systems“ umbrella. In our vision of systems, practice dominates over theory — we emphasize hands-on work from the first day and—following a systems-building standpoint—balance theory and practice in order to produce tangible results for real-world problems.

Algorithms for Active Transportation

This project will design, prototype, and test novel algorithms for efficient coordination of both active (human-based) and traditional transportation. Here are additional details of this collaboration with several SoCal communitites.

Human-robot Teaming

The Robot Brunch and PaWPal projects, led by Professor Jim Boerkoel, will push the boundaries of collaborative efforts between autonomous robotic agents and humans. This opens many pathways to novel investigations and implementations. In prior years, for example, the HEAT lab developed novel resource-sharing algorithms within robot teams; it also experimented with conditions under which humans trust robots differently than fellow humans.

Intelligent Music Software (Impro-Visor)

If you have an interests in both computer science and music (particularly Jazz), our intelligent music software project may appeal to you.