Subject: SSS-07 Deadlines and Instructions
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Dear AAAI 2007 Spring Symposia Organizers:

Congratulations on the recent acceptance of your proposal for the 
2007 Spring Symposium Series, to be held March 26-28, at Stanford 
University ( This letter 
includes important details regarding your role and that of the AAAI 
staff during the preparations for the symposium series.

Please note that your first task is to write a blurb for the SSS-07 
Call for Participation, which we would like as soon as possible, and 
no later than June 12. The blurb should include information about the 
topic and goal of the symposium, submission requirements (including 
length, format, submission address), the email address of the chair 
for inquiries, a URL for further information, and a list of the 
organizing committee names and affiliations.

Attached are the following documents:
     1) Chair Deadlines & Guidelines Agreement
     2) Deadlines
     3) General Information and Instructions
     4) Program Schedule Shell
     5) Audio/visual Request Form

Complete instructions for Technical Report or Working Notes 
submissions will be sent in a separate message this fall.

You and your participants will also need to access the following 
documents on the AAAI web site:

1) Distribute License Form

2) A sample of an AI Magazine report

It is important that you review these materials now and keep them 
handy for future reference.

To acknowledge receipt and acceptance of these deadlines and 
guidelines, please sign and return the attached Chair Deadlines and 
Guidelines Agreement no later than June 15, 2006 (Fax: 650-321-4457). 
Thank you again for your participation in the symposium preparations. 
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at 
650-328-3123 or We look forward to working with you 
during the coming months.


Carol McKenna Hamilton
Executive Director, AAAI



Now! or by June 12
Chairs submit Call for Participation blurb of no more than 400 words 
to and Alan Schultz at

June 15
Chairs fax signed Chair Deadlines and Guidelines Agreement to AAAI at 

Symposia organizers circulate CFP to own communities.
AAAI posts CFP on WWW, distributes at AAAI-06, mails announcement to 
AAAI members

October 6
Abstracts are due to Symposia Organizers

November 3
Acceptance/rejection notices are mailed out by symposia organizers, 
along with instructions on how to prepare the technical 
reports/working notes. Please note that the overall page limit for 
technical reports/working notes is 200 pages. Please advise your 
participants of their individual page limits to adhere to this 
requirement. (Complete publications instructions will be provided in 
the fall.)

Organizers should either send participants copies of the A/V form and 
the Permission to Distribute form, or notify them of their location 
on the AAAI web site. Organizers should also notify participants of 
the deadlines for receipt of camera-ready electronic and hard copy 
abstracts and papers, a/v forms, and permission to distribute forms.

November 17
Symposia Organizers send registration brochure description of no more 
than 400 words to Alan Schultz at and

December 1
Organizers send alphabetized invitee lists to AAAI at 
The lists should include all committee members, all presenters, and 
other invitees. Please include postal and email addresses. Organizers 
can continue to send names and addresses of invitees after this 
deadline, but the bulk of the invitees should be included in this 

December 11-15
AAAI mails SSS-07 registration announcement to invitees and membership;
posts registration form and information on web. (AAAI will not send 
an invitation; the organizers should send invitations and 
requirements for registration to their participants).

January 26, 2007
* Organizers send list of accepted papers for their symposia,
   including title and all known authors.
* Organizers advise AAAI whether they want their working notes to
   be part of the AAAI Technical Report series. This allows AAAI
   to distribute the volume after the symposium, and the work
   can be cited.
* Organizers begin to prepare ascii text of front matter, including
   title, chairs, organizing committee, and table of contents
   (order of papers).

* Invited participants send A/V forms to
* Invited participants fax signed "Distribute License"
   forms to 650-321-4457 and mail original to AAAI, 445 Burgess
   Drive, Menlo Park, CA 94025
* Invited participants submit electronic versions of abstracts
   and papers via the AAAI web site. Please see separate Publication
   Instructions message for complete details.

February 2
Organizers send completed front matter to AAAI, including ascii 
versions of the following to
  1) Title of Symposium
  2) Chairs names and affiliations
  3) Organizing or program committee names and affiliations
  4) Table of Contents

Organizers may also submit other camera-ready front matter for their 
working notes/technical report, such as a preface. These documents 
should be submitted through the AAAI web site. Instructions will be 
distributed in the fall.

February 9
Invited participants registration deadline

Organizers send plenary session information to Alan Schultz at, with a copy to

February 16
AAAI sends a list of registered people to Organizers. The organizers 
can then remind any key individuals who have not yet registered.

March 2
Final (open) registration deadline

Organizers submit a PDF version of their 2.5 day schedule to Alan 
Schultz at and, for inclusion 
in the registration materials which will be handed out onsite.

March 9
AAAI sends final preregistered roster and room assignments to 
Organizers. The pre-registration list of attendees/symposium will 
also be included in the registration materials which will be handed 
out onsite.

March 26-28
Spring Symposium Series, Stanford University

March 27
Symposia Organizers luncheon meeting, SSS-07

April 15
Symposium reports of 400-700 words for AI Magazine due from Organizers to
Alan Schultz at,, and the AI 
Magazine submission form at Please select 
"Workshop, Conference, or Symposia Report" under "Article 


General Information and Instructions

Publicity/Advertising the Symposium
Organizers are responsible for submitting short blurbs about their 
symposia to the Symposium Committee Chair, for inclusion in the Call 
for Participation (no more than 400 words) and the registration 
brochure (no more than 400 words). Information about what to include 
in these blurbs is included in the Symposium Committee Chairs welcome 
message to organizers. Please note that all generic information about 
deadlines, locations, transportation, and registration will be 
provided by AAAI.

AAAI will distribute an announcement about the Call for Participation 
and the registration brochure to all AAAI members and will make them 
available on the AAAI web site, but organizers are asked to 
distribute the call on bulletin-boards, and through other channels to 
make sure that they reach potential symposium participants. AAAI will 
send all invited participants a registration form via email in 
mid-December. A list of registered participants will be sent to the 
organizers after the first registration deadline. This will give 
organizers time to send a reminder to participants and urge them to 

Program Schedule
Please fill in the schedule with specific times, titles and authors. 
This schedule will be distributed onsite. The AAAI staff will be 
unable to make copies of the schedule onsite. We usually have many 
requests about the program, so we urge you to send this by the 
appropriate deadline.

Scholarship Money
Each symposium is eligible for a small scholarship fund of $1,500. 
This money must be used to support graduate student travel. The 
scholarship funds may not under any circumstances be used for 
honoraria. Before the symposium, you should send a message to, listing the recipients of the scholarships and how 
much each individual is being awarded. You should instruct the 
recipients to submit their original receipts, totaling the amount of 
the award, to AAAI, 445 Burgess Drive, Menlo Park, CA 94025, after 
the symposium. We will then issue checks to the recipients.

AAAI will also waive registration fees (but not housing fees) for up 
to two symposium chairs/co-chairs per symposium. Organizers can 
designate someone else participating in their symposium to receive 
the complimentary registration if they have other funding.

Audio/Visual Requests
Each meeting room will be equipped with a screen and an LCD 
projector. If you or any of your participants have other special 
requests, please complete the attached audio/visual request form, and 
send it to AAAI
by the deadline listed above. It is your responsibility to send 
copies of the AV form to your participants. Please note that 
extensive AV requests may not be granted due to budget restrictions. 
There will be no wireless access in the meeting rooms.

Working Notes, Technical Reports, and Electronic Submissions
Organizers are responsible for notifying their participants of all 
requirements regarding the submission of their abstracts, papers and 
permission to distribute forms.

Participants are responsible for submitting camera-ready electronic 
and hard copy of their papers, as well as their signed permission to 
distribute form, according to the specifications in the Publications 
Instructions message and by the deadlines listed above. Organizers 
are responsible for the submission of the list of accepted papers, 
the symposium title, organizer names and affiliations, the table of 
contents, the schedule, and all other front matter in the format and 
by the date specified above and in the Publications Instructions 

Many organizers and presenters at AAAI events are interested in 
making the working notes of their symposia or workshop available 
quickly and informally to a wider audience. To accommodate this need, 
AAAI offers organizers the option of turning their working notes into 
an AAAI technical report. To take advantage of this option, the 
organizers should notify AAAI of their desire to do so by the date 
specified above. While the issuance of a technical report does not 
constitute formal publication, it does provide authors with a 
mechanism for citing their work, and relieves the organizer of the 
chore of fielding requests for copies of papers. Please note that 
issuance of a technical report does not satisfy the AAAI Press's 
right of first refusal.

Formal Publication
Symposia Organizers are cordially invited to explore formal 
publication through the AAAI Press/The MIT Press. This partnership 
has created an opportunity for authors which, we believe, is 
unparalleled in publishing. From the AAAI Press, authors will receive 
expert guidance from editors and press board members who, like 
themselves, are scientists and members of the AI community. From The 
MIT Press, the author's books will receive expert marketing attention 
from seasoned publishing professionals whose experience in 
international marketing and distribution is unsurpassed.

Right of First Refusal
Organizers are reminded that AAAI retains the right of first refusal 
to any formal publication arising from an AAAI event. Please do not 
make any arrangements for hard copy or electronic publication of all 
or a significant subset of the papers contained in your working notes 
without first exploring the options available through AAAI Press and 
AI Magazine. You may contact the AAAI press editor, Tony Cohn, at or AAAI Press Director, Mike Hamilton, at the same 

Report for AI Magazine
Your final task is to write a report about your symposium for 
publication in AI Magazine. Your report should be 400-700 words in 
length. The report should put your symposium in historical context, 
cover highlights, and provide an overview of the topic of your 
symposium. Sample reports are available in the AI Magazine section of 
the AAAI Digital Library. Please be brief! Lists of papers, topics, 
or presenters are not appropriate.

Your report will be grouped together with other symposia reports as 
an article in an upcoming issue of AI Magazine. If you would like to 
write an article or full-length report of your symposium's activities 
and accomplishments, you are welcome to do so. Reports should be 
emailed to the Symposium Committee Chair by the deadline specified 
above. Articles about your symposium should be submitted through the 
AI Magazine submission site at


June 2, 2006

AAAI 2007 Symposium Series
Chair Deadlines & Guidelines Agreement

The American Association for Artificial Intelligence is pleased to 
present your symposium in the AAAI 2007 Spring Symposium Series. AAAI 
will provide all the services listed in the accompanying "General 
Information and Instructions," and will make every effort to adhere 
to the deadlines as outlined in the attached material.

Symposium Chairs also agree to abide by these guidelines and 
deadlines. In the event that they are unable to meet a particularly 
deadline, they agree to notify AAAI immediately and to arrange for a 
revised mutually acceptable deadline.

I have read the attached letter, dated June 2, 2007, and agree to
the conditions noted therein.

________________________________________________ Date ________________
Symposium Chair Signature

Please Print Name

Please return original agreement to AAAI by fax (650-321-4457) or to
445 Burgess Drive, Menlo Park, CA 94025 no later than June 15, 2006.

Thank you.


AAAI 2007 Spring Symposium Series
(Please insert name of your symposium)

Monday, March 26

9:00 am - 10:30 am Session (Please include abstract titles,
authors, affiliations, and session chair(s) where applicable.)

10:30 am - 11:00 am    Break

11:00 am - 12:30 pm    Session

12:30 pm - 2:00 pm     Lunch

2:00 pm - 3:30 pm      Session

3:30 pm - 4:00 pm      Break

4:00 pm - 5:30 pm      Session

6:00 pm - 7:00 pm      Reception

Tuesday, March 27

Same as for Monday, with the following change:
6:00 pm - 7:30 pm      Plenary Session

Wednesday, March 28

Symposium concludes at 12:30 pm, so there will be two morning
sessions with a break from 10:30 to 11:00 am.


AAAI 2007 Spring Symposium Series
Audio Visual Request Form

All rooms in which the Symposia are held will have as standard 
equipment, a screen and an LCD projector. Individuals requiring 
special audio visual needs (such as an overhead projector or VCR) for 
their presentations are requested to provide the information below.







SPECIAL A/V REQUEST (please only list what you would like AAAI to provide):

Please note that a/v requests are subject to budget restrictions.
Authors are required to provide their own laptop computers, as well
as all software needed to operate programs. Connections to the
internet are restricted to availability and budget considerations,
and must be requested at least two months prior to the event. No 
wireless access will be available in the meeting rooms.

Please return this form by January 26, 2007 to AAAI at