Dear SSS-07 Organizers,

Attached are complete instructions about how you and your 
participants need to submit your publication materials to AAAI. 
Please take the following 10 steps to ensure a smooth publication 

1) Advise participants of paper, permission to distribute, a/v form 
submission deadlines and instructions.

Unless you notify us otherwise by January 26, we will assume that 
you have chosen the technical report option for your symposium 
volume. The deadline for submission of your accepted paper lists 
and for authors' submissions of papers/abstracts to AAAI is Friday, 
January 26.

If you have chosen the working notes option, please remind your 
participants to submit their papers directly to you by January 26 so 
that you can compile and paginate the working notes by February 2.

2) Notify your participants of the URL where they can submit their 
papers. A detailed message that you can send to accepted authors 
is attached below. For submissions, authors can start at

The "accepted authors" button on the left hand side will take them 
to the Publications area of the web 
( After 
reviewing this page, they can click on "electronic submission form" 
under Point 5. or "Electronic Submission Instructions" under 
"Instructions" to access the submission site 
submissions.php). Each of these pages contain important author 
instructions and guidelines, so it is very important that you ask 
authors to spend a few minutes reviewing these in order to 
complete their submission properly.

When they are ready to submit their paper, they will be asked to 
choose a symposium number. 2007 Symposia numbers are as 

FS-01  Control Mechanisms for Spatial Knowledge Processing in 
Cognitive / Intelligent Systems
FS-02  Game Theoretic and Decision Theoretic Agents
FS-03  Intentions in Intelligent Systems
FS-04  Interaction Challenges for Artificial Assistants
FS-05  Logical Formalizations of Commonsense Reasoning
FS-06  Machine Reading
FS-07  Multidisciplinary Collaboration for Socially Assistive Robotics
FS-08  Quantum Interaction
FS-09  Robots and Robot Venues: Resources for AI Education

Participants who are unable to use the web-based form should send 
their abstracts and  electronic files to the symposium organizer, 
who in turn must submit the abstracts and papers for them.

3) Notify your authors that they must complete the AAAI 
Distribution License form, which I have attached to this message. It 
is also available at
permission.pdf. The signed original should be mailed to AAAI, SSS-
07 Permissions, 445 Burgess Drive, Menlo Park, CA 94025 by 
January 26. If the original will not reach AAAI by January 26, please 
also fax a copy to 650-321-4457.

4) Ask your authors to review the attached A/V form and ask them 
to send any requests no later than January 26 to

5) Ensure that the total page count of the working notes / technical 
report does not exceed 200 pages by including a page limit in the 
participant message below.

6) Submit your accepted paper lists to This list can 
also serve as your final table of contents if you determine the 
correct order of papers now. We recommend ordering the papers by 
first author, last name. We will be sending back to you a final table 
of contents with updated titles and author names once all of the 
papers have been submitted and the TOC has been proofread, so 
you needn't worry too much about misspellings or preliminary 
paper titles.

For technical reports, shortly after the submission deadline, AAAI 
will supply you with a list of any missing papers and submitted files 
that have problems (e.g. bad file format, improper formatting, 
missing paperwork, etc.) You will be responsible for contacting 
those symposium participants and obtaining the files, and/or fixing 
the files that have problems or, as a last resort, removing the 
papers from the technical report.

For technical reports, AAAI will add covers, a title page, paginate 
the front matter and main body of the volume, and arrange for 
printing, binding, and delivery of the technical report.

For working notes, AAAI will add covers, a title page, paginate the 
front matter, and arrange for printing, binding, and delivery of the 
working notes.

7) Compile and submit electronic ascii (no LaTeX) file of title, chairs, 
organizing committee names and affiliations, and table of contents 
to AAAI by January 26. The electronic copy should be compiled as 
follows and sent to no later than February 2:

1. Title of Symposium

2. Names of Chair(s), Affiliation(s)

3. Names of Organizing Committee Members, Affiliations

4. Table of Contents (if in different order from list sent on January 
26) in the following format:

   Title of Paper
   Author1, Author2, etc.

8) Compile and submit electronic ascii or camera-ready copy of the 
Preface or other front matter to AAAI by February 2 (technical report 

9) Submit compiled working notes to AAAI by February 2 (working 
notes option).

10) Enforce the submission deadlines with symposium participants

Thanks very much for all your work thus far on the 2007 Spring 
Symposium Series.

Best regards,

Carol Hamilton
Executive Director, AAAI



* Organizers notify participants of publications instructions

January 26, 2007
* Organizers advise AAAI whether they want their working notes to
  be part of the AAAI Technical Report series. This allows AAAI
  to distribute the volume after the symposium, and the work
  can be cited.
* Organizers send list of accepted papers for their symposia,
  including title and all known authors.
* Organizers begin to prepare ascii text of front matter, including
  title, chairs, organizing committee, and table of contents
  (order of papers).
* Invited participants send A/V forms to
* Invited participants mail original signed "Distribution License"
  forms to AAAI, 445 Burgess Drive, Menlo Park, CA 94025
  (Late forms can also be faxed to 650-321-4457)
* Invited participants submit electronic versions of abstracts
  and papers via the submission page at

February 2
Organizers send completed front matter to AAAI, including ascii 
versions of the following to
 1) Title of Symposium
 2) Chairs names and affiliations
 3) Organizing or program committee names and affiliations
 4) Table of Contents

Organizers may also submit other camera-ready front matter for 
their technical report, such as a preface in either ascii or pdf format.

For symposia producing working notes only:
Organizers submit final hard copy volume for printing to AAAI, SSS-
07, 445 Burgess Drive, Menlo Park, CA 94025. AAAI will design 
cover and title page. Organizers must submit via email 
( the text for the title, chairs, and organizing 
committee for the symposium.

February 9
Invited participants registration deadline
Organizers send plenary session information to Alan Schultz at, with a copy to

March 2
Final (open) registration deadline

Organizers submit a PDF version of their 2.5 day schedule to Alan 
Schultz at and, for 
inclusion in the registration materials which will be handed out 




The purpose of this document is to explain how to format and 
submit the camera-ready copy of your paper for the symposium 
technical report. Please read these instructions carefully. AAAI 
technical reports are published from electronic files that you 
submit. Your cooperation in producing trouble-free files is to your 
advantage, because incorrectly formatted files will be returned to 
you for reformatting -- there is also a risk that your paper may not 
be published at all.

When and What to Submit
The submission deadline is January 26 for receipt of all electronic 
materials. Permission to distribute forms and audio-visual forms 
are due at the same time. The following paragraphs discuss what 
you should submit.

Submit a PDF Version of Your File
Submit your electronic abstract, paper title, and a PDF version of 
your paper (LaTeX users must pay special attention to the 
instructions). Submission instructions are located at This page is 
also accessible from the "accepted authors" link on the left hand 
side of the SSS-07 web site 

When you are ready to submit your paper, you will be asked to 
choose a symposium number. 2007 Symposia numbers are as 

FS-01  Control Mechanisms for Spatial Knowledge Processing in 
Cognitive / Intelligent Systems
FS-02  Game Theoretic and Decision Theoretic Agents
FS-03  Intentions in Intelligent Systems
FS-04  Interaction Challenges for Artificial Assistants
FS-05  Logical Formalizations of Commonsense Reasoning
FS-06  Machine Reading
FS-07  Multidisciplinary Collaboration for Socially Assistive Robotics
FS-08  Quantum Interaction
FS-09  Robots and Robot Venues: Resources for AI Education

The site may be extremely busy on the last day, January 26. If 
possible, submit your electronic paper in advance of the deadline. If 
you can't use the submission form, you must send your materials to 
your symposium organizer who will submit the materials for you.

Please Send us Trouble-free PDFs!
When creating a PDF file, please pay attention to the settings 
requirements noted in the submission instructions. Additional 
information on PDF settings is located in the formatting instructions 

Common errors made by authors when making PDFs include 
improper page size (such as A4), type 3 fonts, improper margins, 
and low-resolution graphics. Please check your PDF before sending 
it. It takes only a minute or two to verify every page in the file. By 
doing so, you avoid having your paper returned to you for 
correction. You can verify your fonts in Acrobat Reader (File --> 
Document --> Properties --> Fonts) or by using the PDF fonts 
utility in the Xpdf package. The document size is given in Acrobat at 
the bottom of the window. Be certain it says 8.5 x 11 inches.

Sign and Send the AAAI Permission to Distribute Form
The AAAI Permission to Distribute form must be mailed to AAAI 
SSS-07, 445 Burgess Drive, Menlo Park, CA 94025. Your paper will 
not be published unless you send us a signed, unaltered copy of 
this form. No exceptions. This form does not prevent you from 
publishing your paper elsewhere, but it does allow AAAI to 
distribute your paper in hardcopy and electronic form. A copy of 
this form is included with these instructions. It can also be 
downloaded from

Formatting Instructions
Your paper should be formatted in two-column format according to 
the instructions supplied at the URL above. Please pay careful 
attention to the margin requirements. Nothing may intrude into the 
margins. (If you use LaTeX, be especially certain that your tables 
and equations stay completely within the margins.)

Font Requirements
Your paper should be formatted in Times or Times New Roman. 
LaTeX users should use the "times package" in their source. Further 
information about LaTeX is available at

Those who use TeX or LaTeX must pay close attention to the 
typefaces used, as no Type 3 bitmap fonts may be used when 
creating your paper. Whenever possible, please use PDFLaTeX 
instead of straight LaTeX or TeX, as this program will avoid the type 
3 font problem. Because it is almost impossible to avoid font 
problems in LaTeX 209, this old software must be avoided. If you 
cannot use PDFLaTeX or PDFTeX, you must instruct dvips to use an 
alternate font map. This can be achieved by the following 

  dvips -Ppdf -G0 -0 papername.dvi

(Note the zero following the G. This command tells dvips to use the 
config.pdf file. Scripts such as dvipdf that ostensibly bypass the 
PostScript intermediary should not be used because they generally 
do not instruct dvips to use the config.pdf file.

If you use GhostScript, be sure you have version 7.04 or newer. The 
earlier versions do not create acceptable PDFs.
Finally, if fonts aren't getting embedded, look at the PDFTeX mailing 
list for hints on configuring PDFTeX. 

Length Requirements
You are allowed to submit up to PAGE LIMIT.  No paper longer than 
PAGE LIMIT pages will be accepted. (Note to Symposium Organizer: 
Total page limit cannot exceed 200 pages.)

Page Size
AAAI's technical reports are printed in 8-1/2 x 11 inch format. Your 
electronic file must be formatted for an 8-1/2 x 11 inch page. 
Those using RedHat Linux 8.0 and LaTeX should check the 
papersize setting in "/usr/share/texmf/dvips/" -- it may 
be that A4 is the default. Change it to letter to avoid incorrect 

How to Obtain AAAI Macros and Style Sheets
You may find our sample Word or RTF documents (including style 
sheets) helpful to you in formatting your paper. We also have LaTeX 
macros that can be used to format two-column camera copy. 
(Please read the formatting instructions!) To retrieve the templates, 
please go to
If you use LaTeX, please note that use of the new aaai.sty macro is 
required (the old aaai.sty macros and instructions are not the same; 
note that ijcai.sty macros are not acceptable).  To avoid having your 
file returned for reformatting, you should download latex-set.tex 
and you must format your paper using the Times font. Please 
download "latex-set.tex" and read the new instructions for LaTeX 

Do not ever use gif files in your paper. This format is suitable for 
screen use only. It will not print legibly on our printer's equipment.

Naming Your Electronic File
To avoid possible erasure of your file on our site, you should 
include the following elements in the name of your file (in this 

1. SS
2. The last two digits of the current year (e.g. 07)
3. The Symposium Number (01, 02, 03, etc. -see the list below for
   your symposium file number)
4. Principal Author's Surname and  First Initial (use mixed case)
5. Filetype extension (.pdf)
Thus, a paper by A. Newell for the 2007 Spring Symposium number 
02 would be called:


If you are submitting more than one file under the same author's 
name, number the files 1, 2, etc. and put the number after the 
author's name. For example:

Symposium File Numbers
SS0701  Control Mechanisms for Spatial Knowledge Processing in 
Cognitive / Intelligent Systems
SS0702  Game Theoretic and Decision Theoretic Agents
SS0703  Intentions in Intelligent Systems
SS0704  Interaction Challenges for Artificial Assistants
SS0705  Logical Formalizations of Commonsense Reasoning
SS0706  Machine Reading
SS0707  Multidisciplinary Collaboration for Socially Assistive 
SS0708  Quantum Interaction
SS0709  Robots and Robot Venues: Resources for AI Education

We're sorry, we cannot accept e-mail submissions.

If you have any questions regarding the formatting and guidelines 
of this author kit, please contact

Thank you for reading these instructions.


AAAI Spring Symposium Series
Audio Visual Request Form

All rooms in which the symposia are held will have an LCD projector 
and screen as standard equipment. Individuals requiring special 
audio visual needs (e.g., an overhead or a VCR) for their 
presentations are requested to provide the information below.







SPECIAL A/V NEEDS (please only list what you would like AAAI to 

Please note that a/v requests are subject to budget restrictions. 
Authors are required to provide their own laptop computers, as well 
as all software needed to operate programs. Connections to the 
internet are generally unavailable in the session rooms due to 
budget restrictions.

Please return this to AAAI at by January 26, 2007.


Carol McKenna Hamilton
Executive Director
American Association for Artificial Intelligence
445 Burgess Drive
Menlo Park, California, 94025
650-321-4457 (fax)