Results of Map UI Test

  • At what point on the screen does the player trigger moving to the next screen?
  • Perhaps the name of the 'menu' button is misleading, since we have the bar menu AND the full menu
  • What if you click outside of "walkable" area? Does your character keep walking into the edge of the walkable area?
  • What happens when the menu overlaps player character?
    • Can you click into the menu area to move there?
      • Paula votes yes!
    • What if you are under the menu area when you open the menu?
  • Do useable items' effects automatically add themselves to the active skills menu?
  • Would it be more rewarding to allow interaction with environment elements (trees, bushes?)
  • Is the menu bar open when dialog box is open?
  • What determines which way directional active map abilities are used?
    • The way you are facing
  • Make sure there are map borders to mark properly places where you can't exit screen
    • Bushes or cliffs etc.
  • One user vote for frame-by-frame
    • So that environment stays in place as you move around/interact with it
    • Menu management more difficult in frame to frame
    • How to go to next screen? Automatic on entering a region, or press button?
      • Would like to control screen switching by active trigger
        • Perhaps some screen switch button could appear
  • Screen locked onto character
    • Makes it so that where menu pops up isn't an issue (always centered on character)

  • Remove cancel button
    • Yes, No, x in top right

menu refers to bar menu, Main Menu will refer to full menu with

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