Page for the group developing the Aeon video game project, Spring 2012.

Team Members

Name Work Log Code Responsibility Other Responsibility
Beryl Egerter Beryl's Worklog Map screenSlicer
Paula Ning WorkLogPaulaFall All of the Art doobleScribe
Josh Oratz WorkLogJoshFall? Battle snuffleCoder
Mary Rachel Stimson WorkLogMaryRachelFall Menu, Conversation partyBard moraLeader

All team members can be reached via aeon@[usual cs-list extension]

Scheduled Meetings

Date Location Time Notes
9/???/2012 Sontag103 ??? somewhere in an email
9/15/2012 Sontag103 7:00pm somewhere in an email
9/17/2012 2nd Floor Sprague 4:00pm
9/24/2012 2nd Floor Sprague
9/29/2012 Skype Meeting
Saturdays Skype or In Person Varies In Skype Logs

Placeholder Pages (until svn working)

Conversation Prototype
Map Prototype


Ticket Summary Owner Type Status Priority Milestone
#53 Conversation UI pning task new Immediately Art Catch-up
#41 Battle trays pning task new Soon As Possible Art Catch-up
#54 Map sprites pning task new Soon As Possible Art Catch-up
#37 Menu assets pning task new Next Meeting Art Catch-up
#38 Evaluate Android feasibility of Battle joratz task new Next Meeting Android Evaluation
#48 andengine animation proof joratz task new Next Mike Meeting Android Evaluation
#50 andengine tilemap proof begerter task new Next Mike Meeting Android Evaluation
#51 Art for Conversation Interface pning task new Next Mike Meeting
#52 Add appropriate images to conversation mstimson task assigned Whenever
#55 Map tiles pning task new Whenever Art Catch-up


Android Feasibility Discussion


Plot Overview

UI Conventions (Rai's note: Perhaps stuff from screen notes should be merged into this. Hm.)
Helpful UI Links