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Customer Elicitation 1, September 6, 2011



  • Moderator: Colin
  • Scribe: Helen
  • Others (agenda, clarification, validation): Paul and Stephen

Possible Questions

  • How much time will the students have to play the game? Under what kind of setting? How long should one game last? How many times might they play the game?
  • What material will the students already know? What type of vocabulary will they have? What type of class are they taking? Do you have a syllabus?
  • What should the students take away from the game? Is the game used to teach the economic concepts or to review them?
  • Do we need to provide tooltips to define vocabulary and concepts?
  • What operating systems and computer systems will the students use?
  • Should the game include sound?
  • Can the game include any violence?
  • How many experience do the students have with computers and games?
  • We plan to make the game in an imaginary world, does that sound good or should it be more realistic?


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