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=Management Plan: Econopolis =

Goal Stack

(current week's goals in bold)

  • Do competitive analysis and high concept reports
  • Install python and pygame on all computers
  • Perform customer elicitation on 9/6
  • Write elicitation report
  • Create game map and other graphic animations
  • Test pygame development platform by implementing main screen and some buttons
  • Write up detailed requirement specifications
  • Decide on resources to include in game, economic interactions between those markets
  • Choose high priority policies from elicitation report and discuss economic consequences of each
  • Develop a game interface for initializing a policy on a trade good
  • etc.

Previous Meeting Notes

Day of Week Date Time Location Notes link
Friday 9/2/11 3:00pm LSC Meeting_1_Notes
Tuesday 9/6/11 11:00am? LSC Meeting_2_Notes