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Tuesday Meeting November 08, 2011 [Lab]

Where: Sprague

When: 11:26 AM - 12:00 PM, Tuesday 11/8/2011

Who: Paul, Helen, Stephen, and Colin.


Management Plan

Postmortem and Progress report for Week 11/1-11/8-

What went right and what went wrong? Did you achieve the goals you had set out? What can you do to avoid similar problems in the future?

We started on most of our goals but did not complete several of them. For example, we started implement saving and loading functions but did not complete them. In addition, the event popups appear at the appropriate times but do not have any economic effect, yet.

How good were your predictions on how long the goals would take to achieve?

Goal Plan for Prototype

Goal Plan and Time estimates for all Deliverables

See Main Page for the goal stack.

Risk Analysis

Longterm risks are outlined and prioritized in Proposal.

This week's analysis:

Observing people play our game, we think that the highest risks are related to how fun the game is.

  • Students may not read text in the information panel. Currently, the text that appears in our info box is too long-winded and advanced for many middle school students. As a result, many students may not read any of it, which makes it hard to achieve the learning objectives. This week, we need to make the text as concise as possible while using simple language. As Greg Orr said during the customer elicitation, teaching the students what a tariff is will be beneficial even if they do not know more than that.
  • Students may lose interest in the game. We will limit the amount of text in the game and continue to make the graphics more interesting.