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    6161''' The Lens of Problem Solving'''
     63What problems does my game ask the player to solve?
     64 * What level of taxes should I set?
     65 * What tariffs should I make to protect my industries from foreign imports?
     66 * What subsidies should I make to make my consumers happier?
     67 * Should I make embargoes?
     68 * How can I avoid getting kicked out of office?
     69 * How do I make the four meters be in the levels in order to accomplish my objective?
     71Are there hidden problems to solve that arise as part of gameplay?
     72 * Yes, event popups that appear by chance
     73 * Objectives appearing with no warning
     75How can my game generate new problems so that players keep coming back?
     76 * Random setup, so that the game is different every time
     78'''The Lens of the Elemental Tetrad'''
     80Is my game design using elements of all four types (Aesthetics, technology, mechanics, and story)?
     81 * Yes.
     82Could my design be improved by enhancing elements in the one or more of the categories
     83 * Yes, it could be improved in aesthetics and graphics
     84 * Story could have a more meaningful story line
     85 * Game mechanics could be more efficient
     86Are the four elements in harmony, reinforcing each others, and working together toward a common theme?
     87 * Yes.
     89'''The Lens of Surprise'''
     91What will surprise players when they play my game?
     92 * Event popups
     93Does the story in my game have surprises? Do the game rules? Does the artwork? The technology?
     94 * Yes new missions occur
     95Do your rules give players ways to surprise each other?
     96 * Yes, if multiplayer is implemented
     97Do your rules give players ways to surprise themselves?
     98 * Not really.
     100'''The Lens of Endogenous Value'''
     102What is valuable to the players in my game?
     103 * High meter scores, money
     104 * Winning
     105How can I make it more valuable to them?
     106 * Higher rewards
     107What is the relationship between value in the game and the player's motivations?
     108 *