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November 22 Meeting

The Lens of Essential Experience

What experience do I want the player to have?

  • They should experience the thrill of being a policy maker, develop skills, and have fun.

What is essential to the experience?

  • Learning the educational goals, having a good time, not being frustrated at the game

How can my game capture that essence?

  • Easy to learn, explanatory with policies, fun game mechanics, simple

The Lens of Curiosity

What questions does my game put into the player's mind?

  • How do I beat my friends high score?
  • How do I improve my meters?
  • What do I need to do in the short term to win the game

What am I doing to make them care about these question?

  • Making a high score chart, so that they can see their friend's high score and feel peer pressure to play more!
  • Make it easy to see how their actions affect their short term goals (meters updating, meter predictions)
  • Adding a thorough tutorial to make the game easy to learn

What can I do to make them invent even more questions?

  • Add free-play mode
  • Add multiplayer
  • Adding different game modes
  • Adding incentives to explore things in the game
  • Add achievement system

The Lens of Fun

What parts of my game are fun?

  • Funny popups
  • Challenging gameplay with a non-linear path to victory
  • Satisfaction of achieving certain goals and improvements in your scores
  • Beating your friends' high scores

What parts need to be more fun?