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November 22 Meeting

Location: Sprague

Time: Class/Lab? time

Attendees: Paul, Colin, Stephen, Helen

Scribe: Helen

Game Design cards

The Lens of Essential Experience

What experience do I want the player to have?

  • They should experience the thrill of being a policy maker, develop skills, and have fun.

What is essential to the experience?

  • Learning the educational goals, having a good time, not being frustrated at the game

How can my game capture that essence?

  • Easy to learn, explanatory with policies, fun game mechanics, simple

The Lens of Curiosity

What questions does my game put into the player's mind?

  • How do I beat my friends high score?
  • How do I improve my meters?
  • What do I need to do in the short term to win the game

What am I doing to make them care about these question?

  • Making a high score chart, so that they can see their friend's high score and feel peer pressure to play more!
  • Make it easy to see how their actions affect their short term goals (meters updating, meter predictions)
  • Adding a thorough tutorial to make the game easy to learn

COLIN IS WRONG, if you see this, Colin will pay you 5 dollars

What can I do to make them invent even more questions?

  • Add free-play mode
  • Add multiplayer
  • Adding different game modes
  • Adding incentives to explore things in the game
  • Add achievement system

The Lens of Fun

What parts of my game are fun?

  • Funny popups
  • Challenging gameplay with a non-linear path to victory
  • Satisfaction of achieving certain goals and improvements in your scores
  • Beating your friends' high scores

What parts need to be more fun?

  • The tutorial
  • The level of difficulty
  • Getting lost

The Lens of Holographic Design

What elements of the game make the experience enjoyable?

  • fluid user interface
  • consistent design
  • obvious reactions to the player's actions

What elements of the game may detract from the experience

  • Lack of animations
  • Lots of clicking
  • Choppy game plays where it's not obvious what to do

How can I change game elements to improve the experience?

  • Better art
  • Music/Sounds?
  • Unlocking embargoes has no obvious connection to reactions

The Lens of Problem Solving

What problems does my game ask the player to solve?

  • What level of taxes should I set?
  • What tariffs should I make to protect my industries from foreign imports?
  • What subsidies should I make to make my consumers happier?
  • Should I make embargoes?
  • How can I avoid getting kicked out of office?
  • How do I make the four meters be in the levels in order to accomplish my objective?

Are there hidden problems to solve that arise as part of gameplay?

  • Yes, event popups that appear by chance
  • Objectives appearing with no warning

How can my game generate new problems so that players keep coming back?

  • Random setup, so that the game is different every time

The Lens of the Elemental Tetrad

Is my game design using elements of all four types (Aesthetics, technology, mechanics, and story)?

  • Yes.

Could my design be improved by enhancing elements in the one or more of the categories

  • Yes, it could be improved in aesthetics and graphics
  • Story could have a more meaningful story line
  • Game mechanics could be more efficient

Are the four elements in harmony, reinforcing each others, and working together toward a common theme?

  • Yes.

The Lens of Surprise

What will surprise players when they play my game?

  • Event popups

Does the story in my game have surprises? Do the game rules? Does the artwork? The technology?

  • Yes new missions occur

Do your rules give players ways to surprise each other?

  • Yes, if multiplayer is implemented

Do your rules give players ways to surprise themselves?

  • Not really.

The Lens of Endogenous Value

What is valuable to the players in my game?

  • High meter scores, money
  • Winning

How can I make it more valuable to them?

  • Higher rewards

What is the relationship between value in the game and the player's motivations?

  • The more value you have (higher meters) the closer you are to accomplishing your goals

Improvements over the summer

Multiplayer The game should have a multiplayer option. This would mean that the normally computer controlled countries would be controlled by players. Turns would alternate between players. This would also involve changing the UI to allow for multiplayer. Change the win conditions.

Art, Animations like in SimIsle? An artist needs to come and make the game very beautiful and amazing. Need moar animations!

AI This is purely optional, might not necessarily be a good idea since it might make the game more complicated for middle schoolers

More objectives, achievement system More events to make the game more fun and higher rewards for exploring the game and completing actions

Management plan

Postmortem and Progress report for Week 11/8-11/15-

What went right and what went wrong? Did you achieve the goals you had set out? What can you do to avoid similar problems in the future?

We accomplished all of our goals from last week. Further, we were able to fix several bugs. There was nothing that went wrong this week. Since we did not encounter any problems, there is nothing to avoid in the future.

How good were your predictions on how long the goals would take to achieve?

Our predictions were spot on this week. We pretty much nailed how much time everything would take.

Goal Plan for Prototype

For the next week and the final week, we want to:

  • Fix any current bugs
  • Test current interface
  • Continue working on tutorial
  • Add a popup for objectives
  • Add hovering in the tutorial

We will see what we can accomplish among these goals in this week. This is feasible because the changes mostly involve improving the fluidity of the game and it is not very hard.

Goal Plan and Time estimates for all Deliverables

We only have to do the management plan and code update for this week.

See Main Page for the goal stack.

Risk Analysis

Longterm risks are outlined and prioritized in Proposal.

This week's analysis:

We do not feel that there is any inherent risk in the improvements we have outlined. We may create some bugs, but they will be simple to fix as we are not making large scale changes. While it is possible to break the game disastrously with a poorly implemented feature, a simple revert can bring it back to the current working state. Furthermore few new classes will need to be added to implement these changes, further simplifying things. As a result, we feel there is no risk involved with these features.