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    1 === Postmortem for phase 2 ===
     1=== Postmortem for Phase 2 ===
    33'''What went right and what went wrong? Did you achieve the goals you had set out? What can you do to avoid similar problems in the future?'''
    77We refactored the majority of the code and added middle school friendly mouseover text. We also compiled into an executable a working alpha release. Overall we accomplished all of our goals, although some were less complete than others. One problem we had this week was waiting until the last minute to meet and put everything together. We will avoid this in the future by meeting earlier in the week.
    9 ''Phase I''
     9''Phase II''
    11 In general, we completed all of our deliverables on time. We believe that assigning specific tasks to team members during the Tuesday meeting and setting intermediate deadlines/meetings during the week was the key to our success in completing all our planned goals. Every member contributed highly to the project thus far and we are very pleased with our results.
     11In phase 2 we maintained the trend of completing all of our deliverables on time. We continue to believe that assigning specific tasks to team members during the Tuesday meeting and setting intermediate deadlines/meetings during the week is integral to our success. We are very pleased with what we have accomplished and are with our alpha release. Since we spent the last week reorganizing our code, we feel that we are very adequately prepared for moving into phase 3.
    13 The beginning of Phase I was met with some confusion in terms of requirements and expectations. We didn't quite understand what the management plan had to include. In addition, we also misunderstood the requirements for the use case documents due to differences between the rubric and the phase I description. However, after talking to the grutors and professors we came to understand these deliverables better. As a result, our management plans are much more organized now. They include a clear goal stack and goal plan with time estimates and assignments. We believe that this also results in much better organization within the team. In addition, we have updated our use cases in our proposal, which are prioritized with rationale. In the future, we will make sure to understand requirements through the rubric and/or communication with the grutors or and professors. We have also started proofreading documents within the group, which will also avoid similar problems.
     13The majority of phase 2 was spent working on the main framework of our game. This was a headache on many levels, largely due to code organization issues and competing team desires. by the time phase 2 was well underway, the code had become a mega class monster and was very difficult to manage. We were constantly talking about how it needed to be reorganized. However this never would happen as no one in the group could agree upon any one way to move things around. Eventually the code was refactored at the end of phase 2, but not without considerable disagreement on how to do it. Overall though this lively discussion lead to a better model for our code and the final product is much more readable.
    15 At the beginning of Phase I, our trac was not completely organized. However, throughout the phase, we have been modifying the trac so that our management plan and deliverables are easy to find and follow. We have also been deciding on the best format for our goal stack. Given that we can always improve our organization, we may further improve our trac to prevent any future organizational problems.
     15Implementing features has gone very smoothly and went without a hitch. We have continuously added new framework elements to the game. Since the game design is largely complete and now we are just working on implementation, there has been a lot less conflict than before. Ultimately the game is rapidly taking its final form and we expect that it will be very complete for the beta release. We have already covered all of our alpha use cases, and many of our beta ones. However we perhaps should have prioritized exiting the game as an alpha use case and not a beta one, as we have gotten strong negative feedback against not implementing this sooner.
    17 Game design has been a large portion of weekly meeting discussions. Our idea of our game design isn't the same as it was at the beginning of phase I, and the design is always changes. Given our development methodology[agile], we do not think this is a bad thing. We believe that we are constantly determining better ways to design and implement features, while throwing away previous ideas that involved certain weaknesses. However, we do not have an extremely clear design for some elements including AI. These topics may need further discussion during the next phases.
    19 Lastly, we are starting to notice that finding common meeting times during the week is getting harder as the semester progresses. However, this is fine as long as we use our lab time on Tuesday efficiently to create a good management plan for the week.
     17We are continuing the trend of Friday meetings, which seems to work out well. It is anticipated that this will continue.
    2119'''How good were your predictions on how long the goals would take to achieve? '''