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Monday Meeting , September 12th, 2011

Sprague Memorial Center Lab

Attendees: Paul, Stephen, Helen

  • Colin was busy elsewhere, but he will attend the meeting tomorrow morning.

Scribe: Helen


  • Finish up use cases
  • Organize manage plan


  • We brought up the idea of using java; however, we are still undecided and think that this is a decision that all 4 of us should be here to make.
  • We were a bit confused about how the management plan should be set up; we asked Prof Erlinger about it.
  • Next, we decided to make our management plan our front plan as Prof Erlinger suggested. This involved rearranging parts of the trac into the front page


  • Rearranged trac so that management plan was our home page.
  • Added ticket system for current goals and completed goals
  • Updated meeting notes