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Tuesday Meeting , September 13th, 2011

Sprague Memorial Center Lab

Attendees: Paul, Stephen, Helen, Colin

Scribe: Helen and Paul

Postmortem from last week

What went right and what went wrong during last week? Did you achieve the goals you had set out? We finished all of our deliverables (use cases, tech assessment, and elicitation report). In addition, we discussed in more detail how our economic model with work, though we have yet to develop specific requirements. We also found some maps and art we could use in our game.

How good were your predictions on how long the goals would take to achieve? All of our deliverables were completed under 3 hours. <make a table with actual times it took to achieve>

What problems did you encounter? We had a few trac organizational problems because of the management plan. We reorganized our trac so that the homepage was the management plan which got rid of a lot of repeated material. We are still a bit confused about what the goals should look like. Currently we have a goal stack and a goal history from the previous week. We may deem the goal history unnecessary and delete that section.

In addition, form our graded materials, we see that we misunderstood some of the requirements on the deliverables.

What can you do to avoid similar problems in the future? We could ensure that we understand the guidelines correctly. After talking to a professor, we understood that we were supposed to have a ticket system and the front page could be our management document. In addition, we could make sure our trac is always well-organized.

In the future we can meet or email the grutors more in order to clarify to requirements and possibly show some of the work we've done so far.

Goals for this meeting

  • Write postmortem for last week
  • Update management plan for this week
  • Start creating domain diagram on whiteboard

Goals for this week


  • develop an initial game prototype
  • create a game proposal, including summarized information from previous deliverables
  • describe the game in a Game Treatment for the middle school students

Plan to accomplish goals

  • First, develop domain diagram as a group.
  • In preparation for making our prototype, we will meet on Wednesday night to flush out more details of our game and write the game proposal.
  • During the weekend, each member will be assigned a class to work on.
  • We will meet again over the weekend to discuss progress and adjust plans, compiling all code into a prototype.
  • Finally, we will write up a report for the middle school students describing the game.

Other Goals

  • Decide on which language to use
  • discuss in detail underlying economics in game
  • decide how to implement shared resources
  • Create more graphic animations
  • Test pygame development platform by implementing main screen and some buttons
  • Decide on resources to include in game, economic interactions between those markets


  • Since we only have one week to create a prototype, we need to simplify our idea but still be able to show the teacher what the game will be like.
  • Given the time constraint and the large amount of this week's work, we should split up the work and prioritize our goals.
  • In addition, we need to make the game prototype seem fun to middle schoolers by including animation, etc.
  • Since none of us know pygame well, it will be an adventure to try to figure it out.


During the meeting, we worked primarily on our management plan, discussing how to proceed over the next week. During the weekend, I introduced the idea that we use Java instead of Python's pygame module. Using this other language would be easier for some of use, since we have used it more to develop games and graphics programs.

Test pygame development platform by implementing main screen and some buttons Decide on resources to include in game, economic interactions between those markets Design a game interface for initializing a policy on a trade good

Goal Plan and continued notes are found on: Meeting_7_Notes