Tuesday Meeting , September 14th, 2011 at 6:00 PM

Sprague Memorial Center Lab

Attendees: Paul, Stephen, Helen, Colin

Scribe: Helen and Paul

(No postmortem since not end of week)

Goals for this meeting (in order of priority)

  • Assign tasks for coming weekend
  • Decide when to meet with grader to discuss how to revise proposal components
  • Decide on what to include in prototype.
  • Visualize and choose game user interface layout
  • Choose resources to include in game

Goals for this week


  • develop an initial game prototype
  • create a game proposal, including summarized information from previous deliverables
  • describe the game in a Game Treatment for the middle school students

Plan to accomplish goals

  • Stephen
    • develop simple user interface in pygame (including buttons, map, animated resource icons)
    • help with game proposal as necessary
  • Colin
    • write up "Development Plan" section of game proposal
    • write up "Background and Problem" section of game proposal (lower priority)
    • write game treatment document
  • Paul
    • revise management plan, write up meeting notes
    • create art, resource icon animations, colorbars for meters, and buttons for prototype
    • help revise and write various sections of game proposal
    • formulate economic model for interactions between resources, policies, countries
  • Helen
    • revise management plan and meeting notes
    • write up "Requirements/Analysis?" section of game proposal
    • write up "Game Design" section

Time estimates :

1 is highest priority

Deliverable Time Estimate Priority Mainly Assigned to Reasoning
Management Plan Update 30 min - 1 hour 1 Helen, Paul Most of our management plan was completed during our class lab meeting. However, parts could still be updated.
Proposal 5 hours 2 Colin, Helen Although the proposal is a lengthy document, many of the sections are summaries of our previous works. However, there are some sections that require new work, and some of our past deliverables need to be edited according to the grader's comments. Thus, the game proposal should take awhile to complete so we assign a time estimate of 5 hours and two people to work on it.
Prototype 4-7 hours 2 Steven, Paul The prototype work consists of two major parts: the main user interface and general game art. Depending on how functional the prototype should take 4 to 7 hours since it requires initial setup and coding.
Game Treatment 1 hour 3 Colin The game treatment is of lower priority than the proposal and prototype. We estimate about 1 hour to complete it, since we already have an idea of what it will look like

Other Goals (prioritized)

  • Test pygame development platform by implementing main screen and some buttons
  • discuss in detail underlying economics in game
  • decide how to implement shared resources


  • Since we only have one week to create a prototype, we need to simplify our idea but still be able to show the teacher what the game will be like.
  • Given the time constraint and the large amount of work this week, we may not be able to finish all the work by the next meeting.
  • In addition, we need to make the game prototype seem fun to middle schoolers by including animation, etc.
  • Since none of us know pygame well, it will be an adventure to try to figure it out.


During the meeting, we discussed what the prototype user interface should look like. We decided to have a single static background image (800x600 resolution) with a map in the upper left (2/3 of screen), an info bar at the bottom, the progress meters on the bottom right, and the "popup" window in the upper right. The icons and buttons should be separate images. The icons, representing resources for fish, wood, iron, wheat, and eggs should be slightly animated, having a 3-4 frames to keep the attention of the students. In addition, they should have a "lit" and "unlit" state for when you hover or click on them. The buttons should each have 4 states, hovering, clicked, normal, and disabled. These buttons will be "Tariff", "Subsidy", "Taxes", and "Embargo". Finally, the meters will be colored bars with a number above them representing the value of that meter.

The buttons and icons should all behave appropriately, except they won't do anything when you click on them.

In addition, we split up the work for the weekend, with Helen and Colin primarily working on the proposal and Paul and Stephen primarily working on the prototype. See bulleted plan above. We plan to work on the treatment after we finish the proposal.

Summarized points from graders

Because we need to include parts of the previous delierables in later documents, we summarized the grader's points in order to improve them accordingly.

  • Goals should be prioritized to minimize risk. (Separate risk analysis should be in management plan)
  • Tasks should be assigned to specific members of the group. A goal plan should mention how we are going to meet our goals and how long it should take.
  • Formal Language/Writing? quality (proofreading)
  • Tech assessment : update a more thorough discussion of choosing what language to use: discuss python vs java, list advantages/disadvantages, who can code in python, etc.
  • Tech assessment : modify another game besides Trade!
  • Use cases: formalize, prioritize, depth of high priority use cases
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