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    3232 * Paul
    3333  * revise management plan, write up meeting notes
    34   * create art, resource icon animations, and buttons for prototype
     34  * create art, resource icon animations, colorbars for meters, and buttons for prototype
    3535  * help revise and write various sections of game proposal
    3636  * formulate economic model for interactions between resources, policies, countries
    5656=== Discussion ===
     57During the meeting, we discussed what the prototype user interface should look like.  We decided to have a single static background image (800x600 resolution) with a map in the upper left (2/3 of screen), an info bar at the bottom, the progress meters on the bottom right, and the "popup" window in the upper right.  The icons and buttons should be separate images.  The icons, representing resources for fish, wood, iron, wheat, and eggs should be slightly animated, having a 3-4 frames to keep the attention of the students.  In addition, they should have a "lit" and "unlit" state for when you hover or click on them.  The buttons should each have 4 states, hovering, clicked, normal, and disabled.  These buttons will be "Tariff", "Subsidy", "Taxes", and "Embargo".  Finally, the meters will be colored bars with a number above them representing the value of that meter. 
    58 resources, layout, prototype contents, tasks
     59The buttons and icons should all behave appropriately, except they won't do anything when you click on them. 
     61In addition, we split up the work for the weekend, with Helen and Colin primarily working on the proposal and Paul and Stephen primarily working on the prototype.  See bulleted plan above.  We plan to work on the treatment after we finish the proposal.