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Friday Meeting , September 16th, 2011 at 3:00

Sprague Memorial Center Lab

Attendees: Paul, Stephen, Helen, Colin, Carl(grutor)

Scribe: Paul, Helen


  • discuss problems on High Concept document with Carl
  • decide what functionality to implement in the prototype
  • set up svn and python/pygame
  • discuss proposal
  • discuss whether meters should be progressive or not


  • In the High Concept, Carl said that the "serious style issues" referred to a few awkward sentences. Therefore, proofreading and additional editing should help.
  • We decided the prototype should
    1. have buttons that show stylistic animations when hovered or clicked
    2. put icons down with some predefined trade routes
    3. add dialog for after clicking on buttons
    4. change meter values arbitrarily
  • Stephen is planning on adding the following to the prototype (to provide a bit more functionality):
    • when the tax button is clicked a popup will appear than allows the player to select a level of tax (low, medium, high).
    • The information panel will also display some text after the click.
    • Eventually, we plan on the following sequence (won't be in the prototype): tax button clicked -> town center lights up, information in infopanel -> player clicks on town center-> popup window appears -> player picks tax option -> meters update
  • We decided to reveal all meters at the beginning.
  • Talked about difference between functional and non-functional requirements
  • Talked about domain model
  • Discussed AI options
  • Grutor mentioned code that needs explanation could have commenting too
  • Went over draft of requirements
  • thought about what to put on the teacher blog
  • Decided that we didn't need the history of goals in our management plan. We can also get rid of the Management Plan page since we made our plan the home page

Prototype Rationale

Below are some goals for what we would like to convey to the teacher in our prototype. (top = high priority) The subpoints describe how we will accomplish the goals.

  • Illustrate that it is easy to use the interface to implement policies
    • include buttons, a sample popup window, and clickable resources
  • Emphasize that only some goals will be available at the beginning to allow for an easier start
    • have at least one of the buttons locked in the beginning
  • Present an engaging graphical interface
    • make buttons flash when hovered over or sink when clicked
    • resources should grow slightly when hovered over
    • map should be colorful


  • Decided on what additional features we wanted to add to the prototype
  • We are on track for having all the deliverables ready by Sunday except for the game treatment, which we will do on/after Sunday
  • Setup svn/python