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Week 5 Plan 9/27/2011 to 10/4/2011

Postmortem and Progress report for Week 9/20-9/27

What went right and what went wrong? Did you achieve the goals you had set out? What can you do to avoid similar problems in the future?

The first architectural design draft and management plan were completed on time. Almost all set goals for the prototype were completed with the exception of "apply generic policy to country or resource". This goal was not completed because we underestimated the time to complete the class diagram. In addition, we realized that this requires a priority C subtask [highlight appropriate icons when choosing a policy], which we will now move up to priority A.

Overall, we are very pleased with our progress this week. We designed the subtask goals so that our first goals were overestimates, while later goals are underestimates. With this plan, we can achieve goals at maximum potential, while planning for uncompleted goals that may carry over to the next week. Therefore, we are very happy that we completed almost all priority A* subtasks and are well underway in the development of the alpha release. As a plus, we have also completed the [add adjustable policy components to pop-up window] subtask in the process of coding the popup window.

To avoid similar problems in the future, we would need to come up with better time estimates. This is something that we just need to develop a feel for over the course of the project.

How good were your predictions on how long the goals would take to achieve?

Most of our time estimates were accurate. We had a huge underestimate in the time prediction for the class diagram; the estimate was 1-2 hours, but realistically took 5-6 hours. However, our class diagram is very detailed, which should make the code very easy to implement and lower the amount of work for the next weeks. We also note that we predicted 1-2 hours for policy pop up windows. Instead, we spent approximately 4 hours on it, but also created popup art and completed the [add adjustable policy components to pop-up window] subtask. Considering these additions, our time estimate of the subtasks is pretty accurate.

Time estimates

Deliverable Due Date Time Estimate Priority Mainly Assigned to Reasoning
Management Plan Update 9-27 2 hour 1 Helen We discussed last week's progress and divided up work during this meeting. We still need to write up our goal plan, update the goal stack, do risk analysis, and write a progress report.
Second Architectural Design Draft: Important components of class interface 10-4 1 hour 2 Colin Will be updated, once rubrics are up. Currently we do not know the specifics of this.
Second Architectural Design Draft: I/O specifications 10-4 1 hour 2 Stephen Same as above
Second Architectural Design Draft: Underlying models and algorithms 10-4 1 hour 2 Paul We have already written our models and algorithms in our proposal. However, we would like to provide a more detailed model for the architectural review.
Second Architectural Design: Revision 10-4 1 hr 3 Everyone Revision to 1st arch draft according to design analysis
Second Architectural Design: Critique 10-4 1 hr 3 Everyone Last week everyone wrote the main analysis for the diagrams they designed while also contributing to the overall analysis. We thought this worked pretty well last week so we will do the same this week.
Initial UI Design 10-4 2 hours 2 Helen Will update when rubric is up.
User test 10-4 [in class] 30 min 3 Everyone Before class, we have to do a run through of the User test and record the results. This will be done on a Sunday or Monday meeting with the whole group.
Blog Entry 10-4 30 min 3 Helen So far, the blog updates have only taken 30 minutes. We assume this will be the same.
Prototype Assessment 10-4 30 min 3 Colin This also usually takes 30 minutes, so we assume the same.
Prototype Update 10/4: A Tasks 10-4 5.5 - 9 hrs 2 Everyone As usual, we also split up prototype tasks. This week we will implement the rest of A* tasks in addition to all A tasks.
Meters: choose concrete level goals for each meter (quantify) 10-4 1-2 hrs 2.4 Paul
Meters: implement functions to set meter levels 10-4 2-3 hrs 2.2 Colin
Meters: update meters from country stats during turn 10-4 30 min - 1 hr 2.3 Colin
Make Policy: write instructions in info box for implementing policy 10-4 1 hr 2.5 Paul
Make Policy: apply generic policy to country or resource 10-4 1-2 hrs 2.1 Stephen