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Week 5 Plan 9/27/2011 to 10/4/2011

Time estimates

Deliverable Due Date Time Estimate Priority Mainly Assigned to Reasoning
Management Plan Update 9-27 1 hour 1 Helen We discussed last week's progress and divided up work during this meeting. We still need to write up our goal plan, update the goal stack, do risk analysis, and write a progress report.
Second Architectural Design Draft: Important components of class interface 10-4 1 hour 1 Colin Will be updated, once rubrics are up. Currently we do not know the specifics of this.
Second Architectural Design Draft: I/O specifications 10-4 1 hour 1 Stephen Same as above
Second Architectural Design Draft: Underlying models and algorithms 10-4 1 hour 1 Paul We have already written our models and algorithms in our proposal. However, we would like to provide a more detailed model for the architectural review.
Initial UI Design 10-4 2 hours 1 Helen Will update when rubric is up.
User test 10-4 [in class] 30 min 3 Everyone Before class, we have to do a run through of the User test and record the results. This will be done on a Sunday or Monday meeting with the whole group.
Blog Entry 10-4 30 min 3 Helen So far, the blog updates have only taken 30 minutes. We assume this will be the same.
Prototype Update 10/4: A Tasks 10-4 5.5 - 9 hrs 2 Everyone As usual, we also split up prototype tasks. This week we will implement the rest of A* tasks in addition to all A tasks.
Meters : choose concrete level goals for each meter (quantify) 10-4 1-2 hrs 2.4 Paul
Meters : implement functions to set meter levels 10-4 2-3 hrs 2.2 Colin
Meters : update meters from country stats during turn 10-4 30 min - 1 hr 2.3 Colin
Make Policy: write instructions in info box for implementing policy 10-4 1 hr 2.5 Helen
Make Policy: create popup window describing policy details 10-4 1-2 hrs 2.1 Stephen