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Friday Meeting , September 2nd, 2011

Goal: Describe the impact of governmental policy (sanctions, tariffs, treaties) on that country and on other countries that use its resources.

Game concept ideas:


  • Interpret everything as economic
  • consumer producer, supply and demand
  • how tariff and trade affect consumers and producers
  • puzzle game
  • maximize GDP and consumer satisfaction


  • Do we want to make it multiplayer? not yet! but maybe after we get the basics
  • Internal management country
  • armies, defense forces, guns, etc.
  • imaginary map


  • grow economy to certain level (win election)
  • limit in game time
  • each country has resources
  • maximize trade (neighbors)
  • make tariffs, aggression, wars, trade embargo
  • policies would affect how people treat you


  • measures of happiness, economy etc
  • option to impose tariffs, treaties, sanctions
  • simulate the effects of imposing tariffs, treaties, and sanctions

Initial game focuses

  • We want to focus on the market/economy first
  • Basic game map would include an imaginary world with many countries, one of which the player controls
  • An example item that can be traded between countries. A line between (thickness?) shows the amount of trade between two countries.

  • A side panel would provide options to impose tariffs, treaties, and sanctions on other countries
  • Another part of the side panel would include statistics/measures of the country. These might include
    • economy (GDP)
    • consumer happiness
    • producer happiness
    • government money
  • Some sort of simple AI that controls the actions of the other countries

  • We think it will be turn-based and written in python

Later "if we have time" game ideas

More game modes

  • In particular, in addition to the market only mode which focuses on the economy, we could create a harder to control political mode
  • In this mode you would have to make smart political decisions to make your people happy so you get elected or reelected!

A fun factor

  • creating events (or sudden quests) to add excitement to the game.
    • This could be a competition between two countries to produce the most arms or something.
    • It could also just be an objective, which will give you some sort of bonus prize (increase the production of inside the country)
  • a ranking consisting of all the countries on the map (who has the best economy, etc.) This could add a competition aspect to the game which many students like.

More items

  • Adding more items on the map will make the game interesting, but it would also make it cluttered considering the way we planned it.


  • Interesting videoclips that come up after certain actions. Could be both educational and fun to watch! Also brings the game back to reality

Military threats and "bad" countries

  • would add an aspect of the game where the player would have to keep countries with terrorists under control (perhaps with sanctions/tariffs)

Hints and tooltips

  • optional text that players can see when they click a small icon. This feature will explain a bit of economics and give hints on how to improve the players game.

Different types of governments

  • see how the type of government affects the politics, economy, and happiness of the people.