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9/2/11 Attended meeting 1 to discuss and prepare upcoming customer elicitation on 9/6.

9/4/11 Wrote up part of the competitive analysis.

9/5/11 Attended meeting 2 to prepare High Concept and competitive analysis for 9/6. Worked on High Concept document.

9/6/11 Customer Elicitation. Worked on the Technical Assessment.

9/8/11 Attended class and discussed meeting times with team, talked about work division.

9/9/11 Finished the Technical Assessment. Discussed the use cases and worked on UI planning.

9/12/11 Attended Monday meeting to finalize on the work due Tuesday.

9/13/11 Attended Tuesday meeting where we divided the work and created the management plan.

9/15/11 Attended Thursday class and discussed work allocation for the weekend, as well as coordinating when to get the gruotor.

9/16/11 Attended Friday meeting and worked on the proposal.

9/17-9/18 Worked on Project proposal (Background + Development Plan).

9/18 Attended meeting, wrote the Game Treatment, and finished my sections of the proposal.

9/19/11 Worked on finalizing written elements for Tuesday.

9/20/11 Revised proposal, read other team's proposal, and worked on management plan.

9/22/11 Worked on prototype turn elements.

9/23/11 Attended meeting to divide up architecture 1 report.

9/25/11 Attended meeting.

Developed turn infrastructure and other button elements.

9/26/11 Wrote the Code 1 document for the week.

9/27/11 In class meeting, discussed work allotments.

9/29/11 Class meeting

9/30/11 Attended Friday meeting, discussed design and written elements for the week. Worked on meter code (1 hour)

10/1/11 Worked on meter code (2 hours)

10/2/11 Attended Sunday meeting, worked on group elements and code 2 (2 hours).

10/4/11 Attended team meeting and divided up the work.