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9/2/11 Attended meeting 1 to discuss and prepare upcoming customer elicitation on 9/6. Wrote up meeting notes.

9/4/11 Added Elicitation page with possible questions we could ask.

9/5/11 Attended meeting 2 to work on high concept and competitive analysis documents. Wrote up meeting notes.

9/8/11 Finished writing up first draft of elicitation report

9/12/11 Attended Monday meeting to finalize this week's deliverables

9/13/11 Attended Tuesday meeting to split up this week's work and write management plan.

9/15/11 Attended Thursday short in class meeting to discuss design

9/15/11 Updated Management plan and goals, wrote up requirements

9/16/11 Attended Friday afternoon meeting, updated meeting notes

9/17-9/18 Worked on Project proposal (Game design + Risk Analysis)

9/18 Attended Sunday meeting, merged, organized, and edited proposal

9/20 Attended Tuesday meeting, discussed Phase II

9/20 Wrote postmortem, created management plan tickets

9/21 Wrote risk analysis, edited alpha use cases, updated goal plan/time estimates

9/22 Attended Thursday class meeting

9/23 Attended Friday meeting

9/25 3-6 PM attended Sunday meeting [3 hours], then spent one additional hour to finish creating popup background image and code.

9/26 Put up Use Cases and Domain Diagram, wrote Blog update [1 hour]

9/26 Wrote up review for use cases and domain diagram [40 min]

9/26 Put together all components of arch design 1 and edited it. [1 hour]

9/27 Wrote management plan [2 hours]

9/29 Class short meeting

9/30 Attended Friday meeting, organizational, discussion, UI design

10/1 Worked on UI design [2 hours]

10/2 Attended Sunday meeting, UI critique, User Test with group, discussion [2.5 hours]

10/2 Wrote up UI design rationale [30 min]

10/3 Edited Arch Design 2, put together packet [1 hr]

10/4 Attended Tuesday meeting to organize/split work

10/4 Wrote management plan/updated goal stack [1.5 hr]

10/5 Put together arch review package (30 min)

10/7 Wrote tutorial code (1 hour)

10/8 updated tutorial code, made images (1.5 hour)

10/10 Worked on Arch Review (1 hour)

10/11 Attended meeting

10/11 Wrote management plan (2 hour)

10/15-10/16 Worked on class diagram, came up with refactoring ideas, fixed style issues in code [4 hours]

10/20 Put together design draft.

10/21 Refactoring (3 hr)

10/23 updated meter popups and fixed money meter issue (1 hr)

10/23-24 work on alpha presentation and alpha release

10/25 Worked on management plan (1 hour)

10/30 Attended meeting, worked on end turn summary and other things, update tickets (3 hours)

10/31 Blog Update, Finish end turn summary update (2 hours)

11/1 Management plan, issued tickets (1 hour)

11/4 Attended Meeting (2 hours)

11/6 Attended Meeting (2 hours)

11/7 Blog Update (30 minutes)

11/8 Management Plan (1 hour)

11/10 Thursday class meeting (30 min)

11/11 Friday meeting, storyline popups (1 hours)

11/12 New game, storyline popups, testing (2 hours)