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9/2/11 Attended meeting 1 to discuss and prepare upcoming customer elicitation on 9/6.

  • Revised Powerpoint slides to refine requirement list and add images.

9/4/11 Edited elicitation prep notes.

  • Created and wrote Competitive Analysis document. Others added to document later.

9/5/11 Worked on High Concept document, including description, learning objectives, selling points, and design goals.

9/6/11 Attended customer elicitation.

9/8/11 Wrote up preliminary Use Cases document with information flow chart.

9/10/11 Found a map for the game, wrote up proposal for user interface design

9/12/11 Attended brief meeting.

9/13/11 Helped design domain diagram, which classes to make in meeting.

9/14/11 Attended meeting, worked on management plan, crated art for game, updated blog entry

9/15/11 Attended Thursday class and discussed work allocation for the weekend, as well as coordinating when to get the grutor.

9/16/11 Attended Friday meeting and worked on the prototype.

9/17/11 Added Country, Resource, TradeRoute?, Map classes (3 hours)

9/18/11 Attended meeting, resolved issues in pygame with Stephen.

  • Added taxes, tariffs, and embargoes to economic policy (1 hr)
  • Added city icon (20 min)
  • Adjusted resource distribution function (20 min)

9/19/11 Worked extensively on Map, Resource, Country classes and designed Economic model.

  • Revised proposal, wrote results section of prototype writeup.
  • Added shadows and glows to icons (20 min)
  • made program draws trade routes (30 min)
  • allowed textbox to have multiline statements (30 min)

9/20/11 Revised proposal, worked on management plan.

9/21/11 Worked on Alpha Use Case prioritization, subtasks in management plan.

9/23/11 Attended meeting to divide up architecture I report

  • Fixed some design issues (private variable access, etc) (20 min)
  • Created end turn and cancel buttons (30 min)

9/25/11 Attended meeting.

Added support for subsidies Modified images, created buttons (20 min) helped design policy popups (40 min) Discussed how to implement turns. (10 min) created sales tax (8 min) added image caching to (15 min)