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9/2/11 Attended meeting 1 to discuss and prepare upcoming customer elicitation on 9/6.

9/4/11 Added small things to wiki.

9/5/11 Attended meeting 2 to work on High Concept, Comparative Analysis, etc.

9/6/11 Attended meeting 3 (post-elicitation meeting) to work on Pedagogical section

9/9/11 (Pre-meeting) Fixed management plan, improved other trac pages

9/9/11 Meeting 4, work and planning around use cases

9/11/11 More work on Use Cases

9/12/11 Uploaded work on Use Cases, other wiki improvements

9/13/11 Attended meeting, worked on domain diagram, other misc things

9/14/11 Attended meeting, began work on game prototype

9/15/11 Worked on prototype for many hours

9/16/11 Continued work on prototype, attended meeting and demonstrated

9/17/11 Get prototype up on SVN, added info box, allowed Paul to start coding model

9/18/11 Made Paul's changes work, improved design, attended meeting