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week 4 grades prototype/management

1Project management: 5/5. Everything is still up to date and organized.
3Prototype: 19/20
5(5 pts) Identifying appropriate project goals for your prototype(s) -
65/5; deciding which engine to use and exploring that engine are worthy
8(5 pts) Suitability of prototype design (including choice of
9technology) in achieving those goals - 5/5; they made a prototype in
10each engine and evaluated both of them.
11(5 pts) Quality of prototype implementation - 4/5; the FIFE prototype
12has very little relevance to what the final product will be and
13doesn't support all the kinds of interaction that will be in the final
14game, but the basics are covered.
15(5 pts) Quality of documentation and analysis - 5/5; the team
16documented their prototypes' motivations and results well, and came to
17an appropriate decision regarding their engines.