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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#109 Design Sound accepted cobyrne task major
#129 showOK menu should only be called carefully new cobyrne defect major
#104 Design Saving/Loading Mechanism new egodzich task critical
#106 Implement saving/loading new egodzich task major
#130 Create title object new etaborsky task major
#131 Create 3 new alien settlements assigned etaborsky task major
#132 Redo ship new etaborsky enhancement minor
#133 Redo fish clouds new etaborsky enhancement minor
#134 Create little astronaut guy new etaborsky task major
#135 Create little soldier guy new etaborsky task major
#136 Figure out shadows assigned etaborsky enhancement trivial
#29 Post Risks to Hillside Blog new somebody task trivial
#137 aliens 3 and 4 are swapped new somebody defect critical
#138 Happy Dead Aliens new somebody defect minor
#139 Losing quits the game new somebody defect major
#62 Update Grade Distributions accepted yliu enhancement minor
#98 Develop the storyline accepted yliu task critical
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