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Competitive Analysis

The objective of a competitive analysis is to identify competitors to your product and to identify their strengths and weaknesses. This analysis allows you to identify key design goals for your product. For this project, you will identify games that target similar objectives/audience to yours then analyze their effectiveness. Some questions you want to ask about each game are:

What is fun about this game? What is not?
Is the genre/interface/mechanics/difficulty particularly appropriate to the game's learning objectives? How successful is it in achieving its objectives? Why does it succeed? Why does it fail?
Does the game appeal to all members of your audience or are there gender/cultural/game-experience biases?
How appropriate is the game for classroom use? What technical/logistical requirements are imposed?
Once you complete this study, you will construct a list of the 5-8 most important design objectives for your game. Rationalize your choices and discuss their relative importance. Describe how you would assess whether your game, when completed, meets each of these objectives.

This report will be graded on:

(5 pts) the thoroughness of your research (5 pts) the credibility of your assessments of competing products (5 pts) the quality of your design goals as supported by your rationalization (5 pts) the degree to which your design goals are measurable

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