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Weekly builds and reports

(40 pts. total) You will plan and implement one or more prototypes or code advancements every week. The choice of what to focus on should be based on risk analysis. You will document your goals at the start of each week as well as how you plan to test/assess the results. You will conduct an assessment at the end of the week. Your weekly prototypes/code advancements will garner up to 10 points as follows:

(3 pts) Appropriateness goals
(3 pts) Quality of execution
(3 pts) Thoroughness of assessment
(1 pt) Documententation

  • 2/22

The goals for this week can be found here.
We hope to have some working code as well as a fully functional UI by the end of the week.

At the end of the week, we have a fairly good UI design prototype completed. We are still installing FIFE on some team members' computers. But we have started working on a map. We are very pleased with our progress with the UI design. We have a very good idea of what our game and what our screen will look like also. We're having a little bit of technical difficulties installing all of the packages required to run FIFE on certain computers, so we're a bit behind on coding. We only have our old prototype we made with FIFE.

Our prototype this week is our UI Design and Critique.

  • 3/1

The goals for this week can be found here.
We hope to have a working and functional map by the end of the week.

Our prototype for this week includes a functioning map using the FIFE game engine. We made more progress this week on coding than last week. Because running it currently requires FIFE being installed on one's computer, we decided to show screenshots of it (see attached images screen1 and screen2 at the bottom of the page). We added some simple things on the map. Right now, it contains sprites of several mushrooms. Eventually, they will be replaced by people, resources, and buildings. In addition, we made the map scrollable using the arrow keys as demonstrated in the screenshots.

  • 3/8
    The goals for this week can be found here?.

We hope to improve prototype functionality, including implementing the right-hand panel displaying game state information.

The prototype now has fully functional scrolling with the arrow keys, and by moving the mouse to the edge of the screen. Objects are outlined when hovered over with the mouse. The right panel is also implemented, displaying the turn number, the number of total and idle workers, and the amount of food the player has. The end turn and menu buttons are also present, though only the end turn button is implemented right now. Harvesting resources functionality is also almost fully implemented. A general slider based input menu was created which displays an customizable message and presents the player with a slider with a specified range. Selecting harvest from the context menu pops up the slider menu, and the slider remembers if you have previously assigned workers here. Clicking ok commits the specified number of workers and creates an action in the action manager, clicking cancel aborts the process.

We are still working on the workflow for bundling our prototype. We know it is possible (and achieved it once) but are still trying to figure things out and replicate that. In the meantime, screenshots are attached at the end of the page. We hope to have a working executable up very soon.

  • 3/22

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