2.5.4 User Survey

As in the beta, you'll construct a survey monkey questionnaire for the users. The user test will be conducted in June by summmer researchers working on the Muddy Hills project. IMPORTANT: You should have no more than 15 questions. They will use the results of this survey to discover problems with your game and work over the summer to improve it. As in the beta, this survey should include questions specific to your game but also general questions that reveal how easy the game is to learn, whether players understand the goals, how easy/hard it is to win, problems with the interface, bugs encountered, whether it is fun fun, and what players learn. You'll write a brief report rationalizing your question choices.

(5 pts.) Appropriateness of questions for identifying problems
(5 pts.) Quality of rationalization

Here's the link to our V1 survey:

The rationalization of question choices is attached below.

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