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High Concept

This deliverable involves is 3-5 page pdf document and a game box prototype. The high concept document describes your concept including the following key components:

High Concept Statement: Working game title, team members, and a 100-200 word description of the game Features: Bulleted list of important features (prioritized) Competitive summary: Summary of your competitive analysis and positioning of your concept against this field Overview: Player motivation, genre, target customer, hardware platform options, suitability for learning objective, major risks, unique selling points, design goals, concept art Pedagogical strength: What the player will learn, why the game will be effective Other: Info you think is important Here is an example high concept for the game Death Wish. You can find others on the web by googling "High Concept Document." Note: These samples are not focused on educational games; it is important that you address the suitability of your concept for the learning objective.

In addition to the high concept document you must prototype the face and back of your game box. (This will be evaluated by Hillside Middle School students.) This document/game box prototype will be graded on:

(5 pts) the clarity with which your game is described (5 pts) its pedagogical strength (5 pts) its fun factor (5 pts) professionalism including quality of writing We urge you to spend some time exploring game concepts before settling on one. For guidance we suggest you read about the Experimental Gameplay Project at CMU's Entertainment Technology Center.

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