Notes 1/22

  • ideas for our game

similar to Oregon Trail? Real time strategy

  • Age of Empires? Civilization?
  • How to handle war and battles?

: Ask during customer elicitation : Imprisonment, no blood

  • manage a settlement
  • What is the goal? How will the game end.
  • Trade, conflict, control over resources
  • Save/load files?
  • How long it takes to play?


  • Crash land on foreign planet
  • Various groups of natives in vicinity
  • Build relationship with natives
  • Natives' happiness meter.

: happiness goes down -> attack, steal resources : happiness goes up -> more likely to join/work with you

  • Need resources:

: made-up resources? : food, water : find new resources talk

  • Workers and diplomats
  • Game ends when when repair ship with help from natives
  • Turn based vs. Real time
  • Maybe in outer space

: ask during elicitation

  • Sequel: play as natives, colonizing Earth

High Concept:

  • Title: in outer space, like age of empires

: Zorgon Undertaking

  • Name of planet:

: Ideas: 2001 Space colony, Zorgon

  • What they will learn: cultural diversity, interaction
  • Game box art: crash land on alien planet
  • All aliens own a portion of technology to help build you spaceship
  • Alliances/Enemies?: Unknown at start

Next Meeting 7 PM Monday 1/24 Platt!

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