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Management Plan

A Management Plan is a living document that describes your plans and progress over the course of the project. For phase 1, the deliverables and deadlines have been specified for you so all you need do is document your process and product on your track wiki. You should include, at least, the following:

Team info including contact information
Meeting times/places (future and past) with links to meeting notes (you should choose a scribe for each week)
Weekly objectives including risk analysis and owners for each task (using tickets)
Individual work logs
A deliverables table that includes for each deliverable (as appropriate) its due date, possible point value, grade distribution to team members, grade earned (to be filled in by our grutors), link to a separate wiki page that documents your progress/process on the deliverable, and a link to your actual submission.
Your management plan will be graded on clarity and completeness

(5 pts) initial set up (due 1/20) (15 pts) degree to which it is maintained and adapted over the course of phase 1 (5 pts. each week, evaluated on 1/27, 2/3, and 2/10)

So, I think this page is supposed to document our progress on the Management Plan.

As of 1/22 initial set up is complete.