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Risk Analysis

Risk analysis will be a regular part of your project. In this particular deliverable, however, we ask you to identify the major risks to your project as it stands when your customer elicitation, technological assessment, and use cases are complete. Once identified you should prioritize them and take steps to mitigate them. Mitigation may involve producing prototypes, revising your vision of the game (use cases, etc.), extending your technology review, seeking clarification of issues from the customer, or simply indentifying a plan of attack and back up plan in the event your plan fails. In addition you will send an email to the customers (cc z, mike, and your grutors) describing your biggest risk, explaining why you think it is your biggest risk, and describing your plans to mitigate it. Your explanation should be in terms a lay person can understand.

Your report should document your risk analaysis process and will be evaluated on

(5 pts) How well you identify and prioritize the major risks to your project
(5 pts) The effectiveness of your plan to mitigate those risks
(5 pts) How well you rationalize your choices
(5 pts) How well you choose and describe the major risk for the customer

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