Goals for Week of March 67

  • Further Develop prototype
    • Create right panel
    • Refactor GUI code
    • Improve scrolling
    • Begin implementing game functionality
  • Begin creating our own game resources
    • Figure out Blender
    • Begin designing and rendering resources
  • Finish revising written materials
    • UI Design
    • Architecture
    • Test plan

Relevant Tickets

Ticket Summary Keywords Owner Type Status Priority
#42 Right Panel feb20, feb27, mar6 cobyrne defect closed major
#49 Design and Create Test Suite mar6 egodzich defect closed major
#52 figure out context menu architecture mar6 cobyrne task closed major
#53 Revise architecture package feb27, mar6 somebody task closed major
#57 mouseMoved event doesn't always register mar6 cobyrne defect closed major
#63 resource gather mar6 akearney defect closed minor

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