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Zorgon Undertaking

Team Members

Andy Kearney 720-352-7625 <> WorkLogAndy
Elliot Godzich 602-714-0229 <> WorkLogElliot
Colin O'Byrne 504-296-6684 <> WorkLogColin
Emma Taborsky 760-851-9972 <> WorkLogEmma
Leon Liu 832-860-0116 <> WorkLogLeon

Scheduled Meetings

Saturday 01/22/11 3:00pm, Platt Notes
Monday 01/24/11 7:00pm, Platt Notes

Weekly Objectives

Jan 23

Phase 1

Deliverable Due Date Point value Grade Distribution? Grade
ManagementPlan 1/20 20
CompetitiveAnalysis 1/25 20
HighConcept 1/25 20
CustomerElicitation 1/27 20
TechnologyAssessment 2/1 20
UseCases 2/1 20
RiskAnalysis 2/1 20
Prototype 2/8 20
Proposal 2/8 35
PostMortem? 2/10 5

Open Tickets

Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#29 Post Risks to Hillside Blog new somebody task trivial
#104 Design Saving/Loading Mechanism new egodzich task critical
#106 Implement saving/loading new egodzich task major
#129 showOK menu should only be called carefully new cobyrne defect major
#130 Create title object new etaborsky task major
#131 Create 3 new alien settlements assigned etaborsky task major
#132 Redo ship new etaborsky enhancement minor
#133 Redo fish clouds new etaborsky enhancement minor
#134 Create little astronaut guy new etaborsky task major
#135 Create little soldier guy new etaborsky task major
#136 Figure out shadows assigned etaborsky enhancement trivial
#137 aliens 3 and 4 are swapped new somebody defect critical
#138 Happy Dead Aliens new somebody defect minor
#139 Losing quits the game new somebody defect major

New Ticket

Recently Close Tickets

Results (1 - 5 of 123)

Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Modified
#140 Copy known bugs from wiki to Trac closed somebody task major 3 years
#126 Update text closed yliu defect major 3 years
#128 fix camel case closed akearney, cobyrne defect major 3 years
#90 Update gifts closed somebody defect trivial 3 years
#110 Design alliances/enemies closed akearney task trivial 3 years

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