Testing Report as of April 12

Our group has continued to add tests, as per our test plans. We have decided on a plan of 3 tests per member per week, have added 10 new tests (Serializer/Deserializer? Test tests two methods in one test). All test are still passing.

We have listed several new bugs on our wiki--we have tickets for stores not making money, letting users easily cancel link creation, adding challenge to the game, running out of money not causing your company to fail, dialogs not canceling link creation, AI needing to buy nodes, and various button bugs. All bugs are listed as Type defect so we can easily find them and remove them.

We had multiple bug fixes last week--we fixed the AI's behavior, and we changed the node coloring to correctly reflect it's owner, even when ownership has changed.

So far, we have moved to testing the more complicated get's and set's and add's and remove's. As we flush out (and better understand) the functionality of some of the methods we have written, we may need to write more tests.

Our test plan is reaching closer to desired test coverage. Now, instead of writing many more new test cases, we will focus on Bug fixes.

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