Testing Report as of April 5

Our group has continued to add tests, as per our test plans. We have decided on a plan of 3 tests per member per day, and so far this week we have already added 6 new tests and finished up 3 older tests that were just stubs. Additionally, all test are now passing! The failed tests of last week have been written to correctly test the functionality now.

We have listed some new bugs on our wiki--we have tickets for the display bug, and for AI stubbornness bug. All bugs are listed as Type defect so we can easily find them and remove them.

We had multiple bug fixes last week--testing in the Node class revealed that a check for null data members was required in a number of different functions. So far, we have not encountered other bugs. As our tests numbers increase, we may find more!

So far, we have focused on testing Nodes and Links, since these have the code that could most benefit from unit testing. Our UI code is tested every time we play our game, and besides it is difficult to test with unit tests. We have also written some tests for the message passing implemented by the Economy class.

Our test plan (as indicated in the grading) may be infeasible to completely implement, but we are still going to try this week to get testing caught up with the development. If testing is starting to seriously inhibit the number of features we add to the Beta, however, we may revise our test plan.

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