Week of January 29

Attended: Vijay Ramakrishnan, Will Newbury, and Adam Belzberg

Timing: 1 hour meeting Friday, 2 hour meeting Monday

Assessment of Previous Week:

Previous Goal: Customer Elicitation: the elicitation went off without a hitch, and we got a lot of valuable information out of it - see notes

on the trac

Previous Goal: Trac access - still working on it

Previous Goal: Deliverables - all complete and uploaded - check to see on trac

Reassessment of Goals:

Major Goal: Tech Assessment - with an eye to future coding and a prototype, figure out what we are gonna require out of the game ~ 1.5 hours

Major Goal: Gain access for all members of team to Trac, with the ability to edit the Trac as well: same as last week ~ 15 mins.

Major Goal: Plan and complete this week's deliverables - tech assessment, game assessment, use cases, etc ~ 1-2 hours + time on our own

Plan for week:

Deliverables for the week have been assigned and are being worked on ~ 3-4 hours

Email about miscellaneous housekeeping - getting materials to teachers, trac access, etc. ~ 20 min

Anything else that might come up ~30 min

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