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13:44 GoalStackFeb07 created by zpurdy
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20:02 acarter_worklog edited by acarter
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16:28 2.7.prototype edited by acarter
16:21 acarter_worklog edited by acarter
16:09 Changeset [30] by acarter
16:08 Changeset [29] by acarter
Adding documentation on how to run project
16:00 Changeset [28] by acarter
Building setup
16:00 Changeset [27] by acarter
Adding files to run Prototype
15:06 jwentworth_worklog edited by jwentworth
14:59 jwentworth_worklog edited by jwentworth
14:54 Feb5Notes created by jwentworth
14:44 WikiStart edited by jwentworth
12:27 Changeset [26] by acarter
Trying limited access


19:19 Changeset [25] by acarter
Commiting build, probably will rebuild before prototype
19:14 Changeset [24] by acarter
Added main menu and minigames to the overworld
16:45 zpurdy_worklog edited by zpurdy
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14:45 Proposal created by jwentworth
14:42 jwentworth_worklog edited by jwentworth


16:49 Changeset [23] by acarter
Adding doors
16:24 Changeset [22] by jwentworth
added proposal
16:13 Changeset [21] by acarter
Cleaned up collision detection code
16:05 Changeset [20] by acarter
Now bounces off walls
14:21 Changeset [19] by acarter
Added 3D


10:51 Changeset [18] by acarter
Starting 3D


16:51 Changeset [17] by acarter
New content, yay!
16:31 MiniGame.JPG attached to CRC Cards by acarter
16:31 Widget.JPG attached to CRC Cards by acarter
16:31 GameObject.JPG attached to CRC Cards by acarter
16:31 GameState.JPG attached to CRC Cards by acarter
16:30 Game1.JPG attached to CRC Cards by acarter
16:30 Elephant.JPG attached to CRC Cards by acarter
16:30 Doors.JPG attached to CRC Cards by acarter
16:30 All.JPG attached to CRC Cards by acarter
16:30 CRC Cards created by acarter
16:27 Cody Policy created by acarter
16:15 WikiStart edited by acarter
16:02 Changeset [16] by acarter
Working on adding different images to RadioGroup?
15:50 Technology assessment edited by dlangenbach
15:49 Technology assessment edited by dlangenbach
15:45 Technology assessment edited by dlangenbach
15:42 jwentworth_worklog edited by jwentworth
15:13 Changeset [15] by acarter
Set up so now it is possible to switch between mini games
14:30 acarter_worklog edited by acarter


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16:28 GoalStackFeb01 created by jwentworth
16:08 WikiStart edited by jwentworth
16:08 WikiStart edited by jwentworth


16:39 Changeset [14] by acarter
Added in code to display centered/right aligned text
16:36 Technology assessment created by dlangenbach
12:19 Use cases edited by jwentworth
12:11 Game treatment created by jwentworth
12:07 Changeset [13] by jwentworth
Added game treatment documents
11:51 Use cases created by zpurdy
10:25 Elicitation report created by jwentworth


19:47 Competitive analysis edited by dlangenbach
19:44 1.31.APR created by zpurdy
19:43 Changeset [12] by acarter
Finished sliders/lighting up traffic light game.
19:15 Elicitation created by jwentworth


19:38 Changeset [11] by acarter
Traffic games now has 3 sliders, also displays value of first slider.


15:26 WikiStart edited by acarter
15:26 WikiStart edited by acarter
14:27 Changeset [10] by acarter
Added slider and began traffic game
13:03 Changeset [9] by acarter
Refactored some of the Match minigame
12:13 Changeset [8] by acarter
Adding traffic light sprites from paula
09:05 Changeset [7] by acarter
Refactoring Game Objects so the can do more stuff themselves


23:24 Competitive analysis edited by dlangenbach
16:40 Competitive analysis edited by dlangenbach
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12:56 1.24.APR created by zpurdy
08:49 GoalStackJan19 edited by jwentworth


20:02 Changeset [6] by acarter
Adding a clicked sprite for the radio button
19:59 Changeset [5] by acarter
Adding radio buttons, need to refactor to own class
19:58 Elicitation prep created by acarter
19:54 High concept edited by acarter
19:54 elemouse.png attached to High concept by acarter
Concept Art
13:02 Changeset [4] by acarter
Laying ground-work for example mini-game.
12:34 Changeset [3] by acarter
(Speculatively) Adding new blank XNA project for Of Mice and Elephants
12:24 Changeset [2] by acarter
Created and moved power point into presentations directory


20:42 High concept edited by acarter
20:39 High concept created by acarter
19:56 Changeset [1] by acarter
Adding Elicitation powerpoint
19:40 WikiStart edited by acarter
19:15 Competitive analysis edited by jwentworth
16:39 Competitive analysis edited by zpurdy


12:50 Competitive analysis created by acarter


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