18:35 3.20.Test created by dlangenbach
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18:30 Weekly Tests edited by dlangenbach
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18:23 Weekly Tests edited by dlangenbach
18:22 4.10.Test created by dlangenbach
18:21 Weekly Tests created by dlangenbach
18:08 4.3.Test created by dlangenbach
18:05 dlagenbach_worklog edited by dlangenbach
18:02 dlagenbach_worklog edited by dlangenbach
17:57 dlagenbach_worklog edited by dlangenbach


12:02 Changeset [163] by acarter
Touched up some comments


14:36 Ticket #38 (Code Review Package) closed by zpurdy
14:36 Ticket #38 (Code Review Package) created by zpurdy
Do it.
14:36 Ticket #37 (Final Report) closed by zpurdy
14:35 Ticket #37 (Final Report) created by zpurdy
Do it.
14:27 Ticket #35 (Document EnergyTransfer Code) closed by zpurdy
14:27 Ticket #27 (Fix UI issues in matching game) closed by zpurdy
14:27 Ticket #32 (Beta Presentation Preparation) closed by zpurdy
14:26 Ticket #33 (Implement Saving/Loading) closed by zpurdy
14:26 Ticket #34 (Fix save game bug) closed by zpurdy
14:26 Ticket #25 (IC Mini Game more levels) closed by zpurdy
14:26 Ticket #16 (Design mini game concept) closed by zpurdy
14:25 Ticket #30 (Test Log) closed by zpurdy
14:21 4.24.Code edited by zpurdy
14:20 zpurdy_worklog edited by zpurdy
14:20 zpurdy_worklog edited by zpurdy
14:18 Apr22Notes edited by zpurdy
13:36 Blog edited by jwentworth
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13:31 4.24.Test created by zpurdy
13:29 4.24.APR created by zpurdy
13:27 Apr22Notes edited by zpurdy
13:27 GoalStackApr24 created by zpurdy
12:57 Apr22Notes created by zpurdy
07:32 WikiStart edited by zpurdy


23:59 Changeset [162] by zpurdy
More commenting, and fixed a bug with energy doors.
22:54 Changeset [161] by acarter
I'm good at commands
22:35 Changeset [160] by acarter
Commented my stuff
22:05 Changeset [159] by acarter
Converted final report into tex project and added a class diagram
21:02 WikiStart edited by jwentworth
21:01 WikiStart edited by jwentworth
21:00 CodeReviewPrep created by jwentworth
20:49 Changeset [158] by acarter
Now lets you know what you got
20:45 4.24.Code created by jwentworth
20:37 FinalReport created by jwentworth
20:34 Changeset [157] by acarter
Added paula's art, looking nice!
14:46 Changeset [156] by jwentworth
Added final report. Still needs class diagram.
14:38 Changeset [155] by zpurdy
More commenting.
14:34 Changeset [154] by jwentworth
fixed typo
14:33 Changeset [153] by jwentworth
Deleted loads of stuff.
14:30 Changeset [152] by acarter
Hackity Hack Hack, changes should be good to go once everything gets …
14:28 Changeset [151] by jwentworth
removed files
14:26 Changeset [150] by jwentworth
changed names
14:26 Changeset [149] by jwentworth
CHanged names
14:25 Changeset [148] by jwentworth
Changed some names and removed lots of unneeded files
14:20 Changeset [147] by zpurdy
Cleaned up code, commented, and added EnergyTransfer? to the …
13:54 Changeset [146] by jwentworth
Added Equilibrate and Scale effects to repository.
13:54 Changeset [145] by jwentworth
It's working, so I'm committing.
12:38 Changeset [144] by zpurdy
New stuff in the project file.
12:32 Changeset [143] by zpurdy
Not really sure what this does.
12:31 Changeset [142] by zpurdy
Added Energy Transfer Sprites
12:28 Changeset [141] by zpurdy
Updated for new sprites for Energy Transfer
12:25 Changeset [140] by zpurdy
Lots of improvements and 3 new levels for Energy Transfer MiniGame?.
12:24 Changeset [139] by zpurdy
Added a whole bunch of objects to the EnergyTransfer? MiniGame?
11:30 Changeset [138] by dlangenbach
10:44 Changeset [137] by dlangenbach


23:32 Changeset [136] by acarter
Tidied some things up, and sequences now based off of xml
16:52 Changeset [135] by acarter
Added brief overiew document
13:01 Changeset [134] by acarter
Starting code documentation latex file.


21:12 Changeset [133] by acarter
Small details
19:26 WikiStart edited by jwentworth
19:02 Changeset [132] by acarter
Refactoring hovering
18:44 Changeset [131] by acarter
Now saves
16:58 WikiStart edited by dlangenbach


14:14 4.17.Code edited by jwentworth


14:42 Changeset [130] by jwentworth
added wave2d
14:42 Changeset [129] by jwentworth
Making sure sketch is up to date.


23:27 Changeset [128] by jwentworth
Refactored 2d wave game and removed some stuff.
04:25 zpurdy_worklog edited by zpurdy
04:22 Ticket #36 (Better Completion Messages for all mini games) created by zpurdy
A lot of the mini games end abruptly without giving the student a …
04:21 Ticket #35 (Document EnergyTransfer Code) created by zpurdy
04:20 Ticket #34 (Fix save game bug) created by zpurdy
When I run the Beta, I am getting issues when trying to create the …
04:19 Ticket #33 (Implement Saving/Loading) created by zpurdy
Get saving and loading working.
04:18 Ticket #32 (Beta Presentation Preparation) created by zpurdy
We'll meet tonight to figure this out.
04:16 Blog edited by zpurdy
04:16 EnergyTransferScreen.jpg attached to Blog by zpurdy
04:16 Blog edited by zpurdy
04:10 4.17.Code created by zpurdy
03:59 WikiStart edited by zpurdy
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03:55 4.17.APR created by zpurdy
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03:43 GoalStackApr18 created by zpurdy
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03:00 4.17.Test created by zpurdy
02:20 Apr17Notes created by zpurdy
02:17 Apr12Notes created by zpurdy
02:14 WikiStart edited by zpurdy
02:08 Changeset [127] by zpurdy
Oops, forgot to add this to the commit.
02:07 Changeset [126] by zpurdy
Added first level of Energy Transfer game.


17:01 4.10.APR created by zpurdy
16:03 Changeset [125] by jwentworth
2D waves ready for game.
16:02 Changeset [124] by jwentworth
2D waves ready for game.
16:02 Changeset [123] by jwentworth
2D waves ready for game.
15:58 Beta edited by dlangenbach
15:57 Changeset [122] by dlangenbach
15:54 Beta created by dlangenbach
15:32 Changeset [121] by dlangenbach
15:02 Changeset [120] by acarter
Committing changes
14:52 WikiStart edited by dlangenbach
14:41 Changeset [119] by acarter
Committed in semi-stable state
11:50 Changeset [118] by acarter
Adding new font size


22:38 Changeset [117] by jwentworth
Added wavy stuff.
22:37 Changeset [116] by jwentworth
... and more new wave stuff.
22:36 Changeset [115] by jwentworth
More new wave stuff.
20:25 Changeset [114] by jwentworth
Added wave1d game
20:23 Changeset [113] by jwentworth
Added electric and water wave. Don't use them.
18:35 Changeset [112] by jwentworth
Wave effects working better.
09:23 Changeset [111] by jwentworth
Stop complaining about audio, dammit.
09:22 Changeset [110] by jwentworth
Effects folder acting weird.


19:35 WikiStart edited by acarter
19:34 WikiStart edited by acarter
19:27 WikiStart edited by dlangenbach
19:23 Changeset [109] by acarter
Minigame button now says try
19:14 acarter_worklog edited by acarter
19:14 acarter_worklog edited by acarter
19:13 acarter_worklog edited by acarter
19:08 Changeset [108] by jwentworth
New minigame
18:46 Changeset [107] by acarter
Moved map into xml file
14:34 Changeset [106] by acarter
Adding the encyclophant structure


21:57 Changeset [105] by acarter
Finished loading BaseChanger? from xml, and commented methods
21:10 Changeset [104] by acarter
FSM now loads for serializer
19:20 Changeset [103] by acarter
Finished basic structure for FSM minigame.


23:48 Changeset [102] by acarter
Finished working parts of Binary Builder.
15:15 jwentworth_worklog edited by jwentworth


13:39 Changeset [101] by acarter
Minigames are now serialized
12:57 Changeset [100] by acarter
Balance minigame now built off of xml files
12:09 Changeset [99] by acarter
Commented stuff that needs commenting, also finished refactoring Match …


23:16 acarter_worklog edited by acarter
23:15 Changeset [98] by acarter
Match can now be half-loaded from xml
22:12 Changeset [97] by acarter
Began the process of converting all static data into XML data
21:11 Changeset [96] by acarter
Something is not happy


13:54 acarter_worklog edited by acarter


19:01 WikiStart edited by dlangenbach
18:08 Changeset [95] by jwentworth
Added some classes for sketching with effects on the sketch.
18:06 Changeset [94] by jwentworth
Added a couple effects for waves. May cause a hole in the universe.
14:50 Changeset [93] by jwentworth
Added heat3, life2.


20:57 Blog edited by jwentworth
20:52 heatGame.jpg attached to Blog by jwentworth
20:36 GoalStackApr2 edited by zpurdy
20:33 Ticket #24 (Alpha Presentation) closed by zpurdy
20:32 Ticket #22 (Code heat mini-game) closed by zpurdy
20:32 Ticket #29 (Static Code Analysis) closed by zpurdy
20:31 Ticket #23 (IC Mini Game Code) closed by zpurdy
20:31 Ticket #31 (Test Log) created by zpurdy
Put up a test log for 4/10. …
20:29 Ticket #30 (Test Log) created by zpurdy
Get up the test log for 4/3.
20:22 zpurdy_worklog edited by zpurdy
20:20 4.4 Customer Contact.jpg attached to 4.3.APR by zpurdy
16:07 4.3.APR created by zpurdy
15:52 GoalStackApr2 created by zpurdy
15:45 WikiStart edited by zpurdy
13:20 Apr1Notes created by zpurdy
13:17 WikiStart edited by zpurdy
13:15 WikiStart edited by zpurdy


14:49 WikiStart edited by dlangenbach
14:30 MiniGameSeqDiagram.jpg attached to WalkthroughSeqDiagrams by zpurdy
14:29 MainSeqDiagram.jpg attached to WalkthroughSeqDiagrams by zpurdy
14:26 BalanceSeqDiagram.jpg attached to WalkthroughSeqDiagrams by zpurdy
14:25 MatchingGameSeqDiagram.jpg attached to WalkthroughSeqDiagrams by zpurdy
14:25 Encyclophant.jpg attached to WalkthroughSeqDiagrams by zpurdy
14:25 OpenBox.jpg attached to WalkthroughSeqDiagrams by zpurdy
14:24 WalkthroughSeqDiagrams created by zpurdy
14:24 WikiStart edited by zpurdy
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